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Installing Elysee Star Dreads

Published on 24th March 2008

Ever thought about going for a multi-coloured dreadlocked ‘do but were too scared to dread? Here’s how you can use Elysee Star Synthetic dreads to change your look for up to 6 weeks without the commitment of having dreads.

You’ll need between 4 and 6 packs of dreads. They come in lengths of 120cm and each pack has 10 dreadlocks. Each lock folds in half so your pack of ten when braided into your hair will look like 20 dreads. You’ll also need some small rubber bands to match your dreads.

Choose whatever colours you like. Your hair is going to be visible so keep this in mind when choosing colours. My preference is for a mixture of shades to add variety so for my dreads I chose:
1 pack light blue
2 packs dark blue
1 pack black

The colour of my hair in these photos is Crazy Colour Capri Blue.

Begin by sectioning your hair. Take a section across the top of your head from ear to ear, part in the middle and clip into 2 bunches. Clip the remaining hair out of the way leaving a fringe about 1-2cm thick along the nape of your neck. You’re going to start from the bottom and work up to prevent loose hair getting in the way.

Section your hair and clip the excess out of the way

Starting to braid in the dreadlock

I mentioned before that these dreads are doubled over. You’ll see what I mean now. Take your first dread and find the middle where it bends in two. Take a section of your hair about 1 or 2 cm wide and split it in two. Now, get your synthetic dread (we’re still working with the middle of this), and use that as the third strand along with your own hair to braid. Keep braiding down the length of one half of the dread until you run out of your own hair. Use a rubber band to secure.
You need to braid fairly tightly but don’t make it too tight or you’ll give yourself headaches and cause stress on your scalp.
Continue along that section of hair at the nape of your neck adding a further 3 or 4 dreads. Take down a similarly sized section from the hair clipped above and repeat. Try to make a brickwork pattern so the dreads lay nicely. By that I mean add the dreads in your next layer in the gaps between the row below.

A few rows completed

The back section completed, I start on the sides.

Keep working adding various colours in rows until you’ve used all the hair in that section. Now work on the sides, starting around your cheekbones and gradually working up to your parting. Repeat on the other side and you’re done!

4 packs of Elysee Star dreads were used to create this look

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  • Braiding too tight will give you headaches and stress your scalp. Braid loosly, tighten as required.
  • You can wash your hair with the dreads in. Support the dreads as they dry to ease the weight of them
  • Elysee dreads are reusable.
  • After a few weeks you should take them out and rest your scalp before reapplying.
  • If you wear your hair in a side parting, section it this way so the dreads will sit well.