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Caring for Glue-in Hair Extensions

Published on 8th March 2012

So I never see anything on the internet on how to care for glue in hair extensions. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough but I’m here to tell you how to care for your glue in hair extensions. Glue in hair extensions are just hair extensions that are glued to your hair line, not scalp. And applied with a special hair glue. These hair extensions can be either professionally applied or applied by yourself.

First you must be very gentle with hair extensions.

1. Brushing

  • It’s better not to use brushes with the little balls on the tubes of the hair brush.
  • Combing the hair is best, because it all goes in the same direction.
  • Brushing hair extensions excessively is bad for them. So do so at your own risk.

2. Washing

  • Since the hair is attached to your head you will have to wash them with your real hair.
  • Don’t scrub the extensions and wad them up! Put shampoo in you hands and rub them together, then run your hands through your hair.
  • Make sure to get shampoo in between the wefts.
  • Deep condition the hair extensions once a week and make sure you use moisturizing conditioner and either a subtle shampoo or a moisturizing shampoo every day to every other day.

3. Heat and styling

  • Always use a heat protector on your hair.
  • Hair extensions don’t curl easily so I wouldn’t recommend using socks or leave in curlers or anything without heat. If you want curls you’ll have to use heat or they usually look nappy.

4. Love

  • Hair extensions can last a very long time, you can wear them up to a month if you apply them yourself but I recommend taking them out every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • If you are gentle and care for them you wont have a problem and you can keep reusing them.

I’m not a professional, But I do glue in and I have also clipped in. So I know what the best ways to keep hair extensions in shape are. So thank you and if you have anything to add be sure to comment, we can all learn some new things and I would love to hear your tips. Thanks!

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