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Braiding With a Little Extra

Published on 21st October 2009

After reading topics in the haircrazy forums on the subject of braiding things like wool into the hair (and how it’s a bit tricky to start each braid off as the wool likes to slip), I decided to look around for a way to make an added material stay securely.

I stumbled upon a site that showed how to install loose hair onto the head to create dread extensions. The technique being known as a ’4-way box braid’.

So this is a way to securely add something to braid into your hair.

First of all you take a section of hair. You then measure out what it is you want to add by measuring down the length of the hair you’ve just sectioned (I used silver curling ribbon). Double it over to make it twice as long as your hair.

Now, if you’re hair isn’t long enough to reach your mouth, you’re going to need a second pair of hands to help. Divide you’re section of hair into equal portions and place the centre of your material along the part.

Cross over the hair, the material, the hair, the material, the hair, then join the two pieces of material together to form 1/3 of the ‘regular’ braid. You may want to make the box braid portion longer/shorter-it’s really up to you.

Now braid the hair and the material like you would if you were doing a regular three-way braid (before you do, make sure the box braid section is nice and tight).

Once you get to the end of your braid, knot the material. If you feel this is secure enough to leave as is, that’s fine. Since I planned on having the braids in for quite a while, I further secured the ends using foil.

To do this you cut a small rectangular piece of foil, fold it over the end of the braid, wrap it around, then grab either end of the foil and twist. Before adding the foil you may want to trim the material after the knot for a neater look.

All there is left to do is to repeat all these steps until you’ve done as many braids as you want.

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