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  1. How to do a Hair Weave

    How To Do A Hair Weave

    All-over hair extensions for short hair or changing hair type.

  2. Caring For Glue-In Hair Extensions

    A simple guide to caring for glue-in hair extensions

  3. Extension Care: A Few Tips

    A guide on how to care for clip-in extensions.

  4. Micro-ring Extensions

    Micro-Ring Extensions

    An explanation of micro-rings, a quick guide to extension hair options & a tutorial showing how to install the rings.

  5. How to make synthetic dreads

    How To Make Synthetic Dreads

    How to make basic synthetic dread extensions.

  6. Spice It Up With Flamin' Cheetah Prints

    I notice nobody has made a how to article on dying cheetah prints on extensions so I decided to experiment and I found out how to do it myself without the prints turning into random blotches. I hope you like them!

  7. Braiding With a Little Extra

    Braiding With A Little Extra

    Using a four-way box braid to secure a material to braid into your hair

  8. Cheap & Easy Dread Wig

    Love the look of dreads and extensions but don't want the hassle, cost or commitment? Try my cheap and easy version!

  9. Some Tips on Dread Extensions

    Some Tips On Dread Extensions

    How to purchase, wear, and rock the hell out of dreads.

  10. How to Make Your Own Wool Dreads

    How To Make Your Own Wool Dreads

    A technique for wet felting wool dreads

  11. Dread and Fabric Falls

    Dread And Fabric Falls

    A tutorial on how to create your own falls

  12. Installing Elysee Star Dreads

    Installing Elysee Star Dreads

    How you can easily braid in Elysee Star synthetic dreadlocks

  13. Make your own clip-in extensions

    Make Your Own Clip-In Extensions

    Learn how to make your own clip-in extensions.

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