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Super Simple Holographic Rainbow

Published on 25th July 2018

This spectacular prism rainbow will wow everyone who sees it, and it’s easier than you’d think! Not only is this style stunningly bright in daylight, it glows brilliantly under ultraviolet light. Perfect for partying!

Easy rainbow hair tutorial with colours that glow under uv

A prismatic rainbow hair colour scheme

Quick links

Instagram is full of gorgeous prism hair styles at the moment. Just check out this stunner by @jaymz.marsters

It’s actually really easy to recreate

This deceptively complex looking style is easy to do yourself with a simple dyeing technique. Just repeat the technique on sections through your hair and you’ll have this amazing, multifaceted rainbow hairstyle!
You can either dye hair extensions or colour directly on your own hair in back-to-back slices. It’s a bit time time-consuming, so I recommend dyeing just a large chunk of your hair. If you’re using extensions, make sure you stack them on top of each other for the full mesmerising rainbow effect!

You will need…

Of course, you can substitute any of these for similar dyes of your choice.

Using Crazy Color UV shades to create a glowing rainbow

Applying the Colour

  1. Dilute the dyes
    To get this lovely light, prismatic colour effect, we’re going to dilute the UV colours with conditioner to make them more pastel. I’ve mixed each of these 1:1 with conditioner, but left Bubblegum Blue as it comes since it’s already a pastel.
  2. Apply the colours
    This part is simple. Use a tint brush to paint on the colours in rows in rainbow order. If you’re not using a clip in extension, use foils or meshes to keep each layer separate. Using thick sections will increase the risk of missed spots, so take only thin sections to allow the dye to go right through to the other side.
  3. Now wait
    Pastels need longer to soak into the hair so make sure you allow at least 30 minutes to penetrate your hair. Crazy Color is non-damaging so you can allow the dye to sit for longer as long as it doesn’t dry out.
  4. Rinse cool
    Use cold water to rinse out the colours. This will reduce bleeding. Follow with conditioner.

Adding rows of hair colour to create a rainbow.

Watch the video

Dyeing my weft took about 10 minutes, but you can watch the whole thing in less than a minute!

If this article has inspired you to dye your hair using this technique, please comment and let me know! Better yet, upload your photo and show off your style!

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