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Quick 'Coon Tails

Published on 17th August 2010

So, first off, your ‘coon tail will be two different colors. Make sure they look good together, use your basic knowledge of color to do all that fancy stuff. Next you’re going to need rather thick dye, because if dye is dripping down your hair… well, it’s not going to work. This is why bleach works better for ‘coon tails. It’s thick, and doesn’t drip. If you’re paranoid that you still wont be able to keep dye from dripping you’re going to need conditioner.
For this you will need a small brush, I used a root touch up brush, and of course, you’ll need your bleach/dye.

Grab the strand of hair you intend on bleaching, take your brush dip it in the bleach and apply a thick coating on your hair in a horizontal line MAKE SURE WHEN YOU HAIR IS FLAT DOWN IT IS STILL PERFECTLY HORIZONTAL, or otherwise your raccoon tail will be “lop sided”.
Skip down the same width of hair that you bleached, leave this piece alone, now apply the same amount of bleach on the next part (I suggest using your finger for measurement) and basically do the same dance all the way to the end of your hair. Make sure you get the bleach or dye on every strand of hair or when wind blows or you move your head at all it wont be right.

The finished 'coon tail

You may need to go back and fix it later. You might not have gotten bleach or dye all the way through the piece of hair you chose. It took me two times to get this perfectly. It’s really not that hard.
NOTE: The with of your stripes needs to be based on the length of your hair, meaning the longer your hair the thicker your stripes can be, you can really choose how thick you want them if your hair is long enough… but if you have short hair they should be very thin so you can get enough stripes to actually look like a raccoon tail. See what I mean?

NOTE: If you’re paranoid about getting bleach or dye on the hair not meant to be dyed, apply conditioner to that part of you hair all the way through, this will help.

NOTE: I have come to discover that dark colors and black sometimes don’t show up well together so think about your color choices.

Good luck hope this helps some. :]

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