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Mermaid Ombre with Extensions

Published on 13th January 2014

What you will need:
Mixing Bowls
Tint Brushes
Hair Dye
Platinum Blonde Extensions (I used Satin Strands Extensions in Malibu from Sally Beauty)
Tin Foil
A lot of time (and I mean hours!)

I used Ion Color Brilliance in Sky Blue, Manic Panic Voodoo Blue, La Riche Directions Apple Green, and La Riche Directions Fluorescent Glow.

Ion Color Brilliance in Sky Blue, Manic Panic’s Voodoo Blue, La Riche Direction’s Apple Green, and La Riche Direction’s Fluorescent Glow

Before you get started

It’s best to start out with platinum blonde hair that has been toned. I spent a few weeks going from dyed brown hair to platinum blonde using L’Oreal Quick Blue.

Platinum blonde hair.

You will also want to make sure that your extensions are ready before you start. I have already cut my extension wefts, sized them to my head, and sewn on the clips before starting to dye them. Before taking the steps to colour my hair, I also put in my clip in extensions and measured how long my hair was from the root to the tips of the extensions in order to measure out how long each main colour and mixture of the two colour should be so they’re all even.

Let’s begin!

We’re going to start with the darkest dye first, which would be Ion Color Brilliance Bright in Sky Blue.

Ion Color Brilliance Bright in Sky Blue

This is applied to the very top of the head, like so:

Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue on roots

How far you go down your head is entirely up to you, but remember that depending on how far down you bring the colour it will still have to blend into your extensions. It’s time for a mixture of two colours, Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue and Manic Panic Voodoo Blue. I used a 1 to 1 mixture of the two dyes to apply after the Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue. I did about an inch of the mixture in order to blend the two colours. At the very ends of my hair is Manic Panic Voodoo Blue. The Voodoo Blue will be where the extensions begin.

50/50 of Sky Blue and Voodoo Blue

Voodoo Blue at the ends of Sky Blue

Now that your dye is in your hair, it’s time to break out the extensions. It’s best to start on the bottom weft of your hair and work your way up. As you go on with your other pieces make sure to clip them in to see which shade to start out with and go from there. I only did one piece at a time to make sure the sections of colour matched up perfectly. If you were to do all of the wefts at the same time, the beginning of the hair extensions may not match up with the shade they are meant to in your hair. When applying dye to the extension make sure the dye reaches the other side. After completing the extension on one side, make sure to flip it over to make sure that the dye is saturated on both sides. You don’t want any blonde pieces sticking through!

Take Manic Panic Voodoo Blue and start at the beginning of the hair extension. This helps to blend the extensions and my actual hair.

Manic Panic Voodoo Blue on a blonde hair extension.

Voodoo on extension

This is where the ombre to the next colours happens. By mixing the first and second major colour, it helps to blend them and make them look less harsh. Here is Manic Panic Voodoo Blue and Directions Apple Green mixed together in 1:1 ratios.

Voodoo and Apple Green mixture in bowl

Voodoo/Apple Green on the extension

The next shade on the extensions is just Directions Apple Green.

Direction's Apple Green

Apple green on the hair extensions

It’s time to mix two colours again. This time it’s Directions Apple Green and Directions Fluorescent Glow.

Apple and Fluorescent Glow mixture

Apple Green and Fluorescent Glow on the extensions

At the very ends of the extensions is just Directions Fluorescent Glow.

Fluorescent Glow

When you’re done, this is what your extension weft should look like:

Completed extension weft

Washing out your extensions from all of this dye can be very scary as well. I used freezing cold water, no shampoo or conditioner, to wash out my extensions and there really was no bleeding of the blue to the yellow. This is because when washing them out I held the blue downwards so the water flowed away from the yellow. Here’s the washed out and dried extension:

Finished extensions

And here’s the completed set of extensions in my hair:

Completed extensions

Of course, you don’t have to stick with this colour scheme, but I hope that this was informative in helping you achieve a colourful ombre using extensions! Happy hair colouring!

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