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Layering Colour at a 45 Degree Angle

Published on 25th January 2013

Pull up a chair, this is gonna be a long article with lots of pictures!

You will need:

• Plenty of foil strips approximately 10cm/4’’ wide (the length depends on how long your hair is)
• A fine-toothed tail comb
• Colouring bowls
• Clips
• Dyes and brushes (the number of dyes depends on your preference)
• Tissues and wipes
• Gloves (optional)

Yeah I don’t own any colouring bowls ^^’
For this tutorial I’ll be using only three colours which are Crazy colours: Sky Blue, Peacock Blue and Pine Green

Alrighty! Start off with pre-lightened, clean, and slightly damp hair.

Tip: Adding a drop of blue/purple dye to your conditioner will tone down the golden shades after bleaching

Separate your hair you wish to colour from the rest of your hair. Divide the section off into three parts. Then section the hair at a 45 degree angle on both sides, as shown here.

Secure all parts in place with clips, and we’re ready to colour!

Using your tailed comb, grab a layer of hair from the front section (remember to grab it from a 45 degree angle) and clip the rest out of the way.

Fold the foil over the tail of your comb and slide it under your section.
These are the tricky parts: Get a sheet of foil and fold 1.5 to 2 cm over the tail of the comb

Place the foil under the section of hair that you have previously obtained (Remember: have the folded side of the foil facing down towards your head, you’ll see why).

Tightly pull the hair down on the foil to hold it in place. At this point you can slide the comb out of the fold.

Then with your free hand, grab the brush with the dye, and apply the dye to the top half of the hair.

Apply to the whole top part of the hair, this will help the hair stick to the foil. Oh and, don’t forget to wear an old t-shirt things could get messy haha

(I’ll try to explain this part as clearly as possible) Slide your hand under the foil, and place your fingers on top of the fold you made earlier to hold the foil in place

Using the back of your hand as a flat surface for the foil, apply more colour to the rest of the hair.

Fold the foil in half, then in half again and then fold both sides inwards.

Phew! One layer down!
Continue this technique until you’ve used up all the hair in the front section.

Continue with the rest of the colours until you reach the end

Continue onto the sides too.

Clean up the hairline and your hands with some wet wipes

Allow 30 minutes for the dye to develop. So in the meantime, brew up some coffee or tea and relax.

Rinse out the dye one foil at a time, this will prevent any colours from bleeding and accidentally mixing together. Air dry or blow dry (warm heat) to your style and you’re done!

This technique is great for layered hair of many lengths. You can experiment with so many different colours and combinations with warm tones, cold tones, and even rainbow! You can even experiment with the thickness of the layers. Thin layers are great for subtle colour tones and highlights, while thick, chunky layers are great for dramatic colour variations!


Change of clothes!

Have fun with your experiments! Please show me your results, I’d love to see them!

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