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Lasting Colour

Published on 15th January 2004

If only the permanent unnatural colours were actually permanent. There’s no such thing as a permanent blue or purple so redyeing is just part of the package. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your hair colour.

Let’s assume you have followed the dyeing instructions, carried out all the tips for getting a good colour and your hair looks great. Now you want to keep it that way. Start with the basics.

Shampoo & Conditioner
They don’t make shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair for no reason. These shampoos are formulated to cleanse your hair without removing too much colour so if you don’t use a huge amount of styling products I recommend this kind of shampoo. The conditioners are also great. Since coloured hair is usually damaged these conditioners are extra rich to protect your hair. Many of these contain UV filters which is also a bonus.

Styling Products
Products containing a lot of alcohol have a tendency to drain the colour. Unless you use a lot of these products it’s not going to make too much difference to your hair colour but if you can switch gel for wax or styling cream you may get a few days longer out of your hair colour.

Environmental Factors
The fastest way to fade your hair colour is to spend a few days out in the sun. Unnatural colours are particularly photosensitive and tend to fade out quickly in strong sunlight.
What can you do about this? Well, there are some UV resistant gels available to protect your hair or you can just wear a hat.

You may also find that swimming either in the sea or in a pool can drain the colour from your hair so if possible avoid getting it wet.

Replacing the Colour
You can try replacing the colour you loose through washing by adding some of the unnatural colour to your conditioner. It’s ok to do this with Special Effects, Manic Panic, Directions, Crazy Colour, Punky etc. but not all dyes are safe to do this with. By doing this it’s possible to dye your hair a little bit each time you condition it. You won’t stop the fading process but it will slow it down.

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