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How to Use an Addtive to Remove Unwanted Red/Copper Tone When Bleaching

Published on 23rd April 2010

Hello, welcome to my first article, a bit about my background; I’ve always been a lover of hair colouring since i was a small boy, so it has given me years of experience with home dye kits and in fact my first bottle of Crazy Color Magenta was brought from Hair Crazy! I then learnt a large amount of knowledge in the hair dressing industry when I opened my first salon which gives me a great understanding of both aspects of hair colouring. I have always found Hair Crazy a bible for knowledge and products so I felt it was time for myself to give a bit back to the community, but I digress.

When bleaching hair the main problem people find is that you are left with copper or red tones when you are trying to reach a pale blonde tone from darker colours. Ardell’s Un-Red colour additive is a small bottle of black liquid. It is available from most salon wholesalers such as Sallys for around £2.50 – £3.00 don’t pay anymore for it! If you cannot get to a wholesalers you can find it online.

Step 1: Mix your bleach as normal. Un-Red can be used with any bleach.

Step 2: Add 8-10 drops of Un-Red to your bleach mixture, it will turn the bleach black then grey, don’t worry this is normal, it wont dye your hair black!

Step 3: Apply & Develop as normal.

Step 4: Wash off and admire the results.

Hopefully this article has helped you a little bit, good luck and happy colouring!

Ardell Un-Red Colour Additive

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