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How To Do A 'Coontail

Published on 14th September 2007

Several people have asked me how I did my coontail, so here it is!

What you’ll need:
-Clear tape or Masking tape (I use Masking tape as it is easier to work with.)
-Bleach and/or Hair dye depending on what color you want it to be.

First you’ll need to section off the hair you want to put the coontail in. Make sure you secure the rest of your hair so it doesn’t come in contact with the bleach or dye that you are putting on the coontail.

Now you’ll need your tape. Starting at the top, wrap strips of tape around your hair. Make sure they are spaced equally apart. Keep doing that until you reach the end of your hair.

I was working with hair that was dyed with permanent black dye, so I needed bleach.

Make sure all the rest of hair is out of the way!

Now you need to apply the bleach or hair dye. To do this get the bleach or dye between your thumb and index finger (wearing gloves of course!). Now rub the bleach or dye onto the untapped hair. You may want to hold the taped part just to make sure the bleach or dye doesn’t seep into it. Make sure you coat all of the hair on the untapped parts. If you don’t you may end up with a patchy coontail.

Apply tape to the hair that will remain dark

Make sure the spacing is consistent.

Let the bleach or dye process for as long as it should. Now rinse off the bleach or dye. The tape will slide off when it gets wet. And voilá! You have a coontail!

Bleaching the coontail

The finished coontail. Bleached and unbleached hair form stripes.

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