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Have have fun growing out black hair dye

Published on 11th March 2010

If you have dyed your hair black and had to grow it out, you know it can be a long and dull process. But there are some ways to have fun with your roots until its grown out. I used to dye my hair black every other month or so for a few years and recently i decided to grow it out. Growing out black made my hair look so boring and awful so i decided to bleach my whole head thinking i could lighten the black a little and i ended up with white hair on top and the black still there. What i did then was put red hair dye all over my head and put a hair cap on and left it in till the next morning. You should wash with cold water and use sulfate free shampoo. The result was red fading into black.

You can skip the bleaching if you want to but the color with not be as vibrant. You can use a few temporary dyes until you grow the black out and then you can have your natural color back.

Dyed roots with black tips

If you bleach your hair before putting on unnatural hair colors what I recommend is bleaching the roots that you can see where your hair is parted and all the roots around your face. Then you can reapply the same unnatural hair color. You can also go through the color spectrum. each time you do touch ups choose a color that is similar to the color you previously dyed it (because you will probably still have color in it) For example my hair was red but next I’m doing a purple. then I could do purple, blue green etc… you wouldn’t want to change to a drastically different color because it can turn into a brow color. For example since my hair is red and if I dyed it green there might be some red still in my hair and it will create a mucky color.

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