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  • For anyone unfamiliar with Kool-Aid, it's a type of flavored drink mix made by Kraft Foods

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Dyeing with Kool-Aid

28 October 2009

Ever heard of that kid who took out some fruit punch Kool-Aid, and instead of making a refreshing drink, he/she put it in their hair and it actually turned out red? Well its about as easy as it can get when it comes to dyeing hair, and its so much cheaper then regular dyes. Kool-Aid is only 10 cents a packet! What you’ll need:

A bunch of Kool-Aid! (Pick as many colors as you want. Orange, red and green work best, 2 packets for each color)
A bottle of conditioner
…and something to stir with

All dyed using kool aid (colors red, orange and green)
Step 1:(If your hair is already blonde you can skip the first step) Bleach your hair to a pale blonde.

Step 2:Take about 3/4 cup of conditioner and stir it in with the 2 packets of Kool-Aid, and keep stirring until it doesn’t clump together.

Step 3:Take the desired area of hair you want to dye and lather the Kool-Aid in generously (it really doesn’t matter if it goes onto your scalp because its not harmful).

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for other colors you would like to put in.

Step 5: Place the tinfoil around your head and wait for it to process for about 2 hours.

Step 6: Remove the tinfoil and quickly rinse it out as it might bleed through a bit if you go slowly.

Step 7: Shampoo condition and style like normal

Step 8: Enjoy your new hair! Don’t be expecting anything too vibrant. It’s going to end up looking more like sherbet than anything but it looks different and its something new! Also, because of the conditioner, it makes your hair super soft and gives your hair a well deserved break from those hardcore hair dyes.


  • Very cool! I'll keep this in mind, for when my current colors wash out...Since I've kind of fried my hair. Report Comment
  • Really nice ! I already heard about that trick and wondered how to do it, but now I know :D Thanks for posting this ! Report Comment
  • another way to do it (you have to be careful, I only did my tips this way) is to Boil kool aid and water (1/3 cup of water and about 10 packets) and you get BRIGHT results! I used to do red (I was crazy and did all over red, but you have to use a tint brush or you will hate your self) and didn't even have to bleach. Report Comment
  • I usually did tips b/c I ended up burning myself once :( Report Comment
  • How does the color last for? Report Comment
  • Thanks for writing this article! Although I live in Germany,I was able to geht my hands on some packets of Kool Aid,so I'm gonna try this next weekend ;D Report Comment
  • is this going to work with other brands of powdered drink mixes? Report Comment
  • Thats awsome i did it purple! Report Comment
  • Really cool, everybody always does those blinding super bright colors, so its nice to see hair that looks like ice cream! Report Comment
  • I used to do my friend's hair blue with this method. I liked the sherbert effect, it was cute Report Comment
  • whoa be very careful. i dyed my hair using kool aid like this: i mixed kool aid packets with some conditioner and a coupke drops of vinegar. it was as bright red as you could get and i did my whole head. it took me a year and a half to get rid of it. i even bleached it twice Report Comment
  • One quick question, when you take it out does it dye your skin? Report Comment
  • I'd really like to try this since I have allergic reactions to hair dyes other than blonde. However, I've heard this can cause your hair to feel a bit sticky. What are your experiences with it? Report Comment
  • it didn't dye my skin when i did it green and it is not sticky, just really fluffy! it is a really nice pastel green color and i love it! Report Comment
  • if you get kool-aid with the sugar already in it, then yes it would be sticky, sugar is sticky, but not necessary for coloring. Report Comment
  • you can add a teeny bit of baking soda to your kool-aid mixture (use extra packets for this) to get FOAMY hair color :) and baking soda opens up the hair because of its ph so the color really gets in there, use a vinegar or lemon juice rinse after to keep it for a long time :) Report Comment
  • plus your hair smells fruity for a while :-) Report Comment

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