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Dyeing the Under-layer of your Bangs

Published on 20th January 2009

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of girls with two-toned, double-layered bangs. Mostly, a black under-layer with a blonde top. Now, these aren’t the exact colors of my demonstration, but I will show you how to achieve this look. It does not matter how much fringe you have, I personally had very little to work with, but the results were still spectacular.

I already had a dark blue under-layer when I began this process, but for the sake of this article, I will just explain how I did the second layer (the steps are not altered in any way)

You will need a very strong hair gel, gloves, a tint brush, a comb, a mirror, a rag (for if you get a little messy), and the color of your choice for your under-layer. (Optional: hair dryer)

First, use the comb to separate your wet OR dry bangs into two sections—“top” and “under.” How thick or thin the layers are is totally up to you! It’s your fringe! Take the “top” section and use your strong gel (I suggest got2B glue) to stick it straight up in the air, getting it right out of your way in the simplest way possible.

This picture shows the materials you will need, and how I applied this technique.

Next, put on your gloves and use the mirror and the tint brush to thoroughly apply the color of your choice to the “under” second of your bangs. Be sure you apply the color right down to the roots.

(It is optional, but for maximum color saturation and longer-lasting color, use a hair dryer to apply heat to the dye—this is suggested for those who used MANIC PANIC as I did.)

Leave the color in for the time instructed by the dye or however long you usually leave it in. I left mine in for an hour or so.

Finally, when you’re ready to wash it out, rinse your new color under cold water, conditioning if you wish. Dry and style as usual—admire as never before!

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