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Dyeing the Under-layer of your Bangs

20 January 2009

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of girls with two-toned, double-layered bangs. Mostly, a black under-layer with a blonde top. Now, these aren’t the exact colors of my demonstration, but I will show you how to achieve this look. It does not matter how much fringe you have, I personally had very little to work with, but the results were still spectacular.

I already had a dark blue under-layer when I began this process, but for the sake of this article, I will just explain how I did the second layer (the steps are not altered in any way)

You will need a very strong hair gel, gloves, a tint brush, a comb, a mirror, a rag (for if you get a little messy), and the color of your choice for your under-layer. (Optional: hair dryer)

First, use the comb to separate your wet OR dry bangs into two sections—“top” and “under.” How thick or thin the layers are is totally up to you! It’s your fringe! Take the “top” section and use your strong gel (I suggest got2B glue) to stick it straight up in the air, getting it right out of your way in the simplest way possible.

This picture shows the materials you will need, and how I applied this technique.

Next, put on your gloves and use the mirror and the tint brush to thoroughly apply the color of your choice to the “under” second of your bangs. Be sure you apply the color right down to the roots.

(It is optional, but for maximum color saturation and longer-lasting color, use a hair dryer to apply heat to the dye—this is suggested for those who used MANIC PANIC as I did.)

Leave the color in for the time instructed by the dye or however long you usually leave it in. I left mine in for an hour or so.

Finally, when you’re ready to wash it out, rinse your new color under cold water, conditioning if you wish. Dry and style as usual—admire as never before!


  • Simple but effective! This is a great technique and produces great results! Thanks for this article. Report Comment
  • Hey, one question: you know how you're dying the hair flat against your forehead, did you develop the first layer with foil? Otherwise you'd get dye caked all on your face, right? Report Comment
  • holy shit! You have no idea how ghetto i rigged my hair to do this! I wish i would have seen this a week ago! Spectacular idea.. why didn't i think of it? Report Comment
  • thats neat (: what would you do if u had longer bangs? Report Comment
  • Silly girl, if your bangs are too long to stand up with your gel, simply tie or clip them back. Report Comment
  • hey does anybody have tips for curly hair? i really want to use a demi permanent purple dye on my curls Report Comment
  • how much hair dye would I need (if I used like a manic panic hair dye) to do this ? like a third? Report Comment
  • i'm about to try it out "] hope it works. Report Comment
  • I would love tips/articles for curly hair...I absolutely love my stylist, but it would be sooooo much easier to get the effects I like on my hair, and it would help me to save money as well :) Report Comment
  • I have curly hair and because of dying problems I always dye my hair after straightening it because that way you know you can't go wrong because curls are hard to deal with when dying hair. Report Comment
  • so, this would work is you wanted lots of colored layers on your bangs? just curious :) xoxo zanna Report Comment
  • I assume that the second layer of dye didn't affect the first because it was of a lighter shade. My hair is black and I'm think of bleaching a layer of my hair to do something similar to what you have shown except fading the opposite way, obviously. how might you advise that i protect the lighter layer of hair from the darker dye? Report Comment
  • I just used this technique, my fringe is longer than your but it worked perfectly, thankyou ^^ Report Comment
  • brilliant advice thanks will keep in mind for the future! Report Comment
  • It has REALLY helped me today, when doing my red-blonde combination! Thank you! Report Comment

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