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Christmas Hair

Published on 12th January 2002

Yay it’s party season! That means loads of getting dressed up occasions. The cool thing about having unnatural coloured hair is that you can change it often and do lots of interesting things with it, so why not do something special for Christmas and New Year parties?

Frosty Hair – What you’ll need:
Dark Blue hair dye
White Toner
Bleach (optional)
Gel (optional)
Glitter Spray (optional)

Start with hair that’s as colourless as possible, so the whiter the better.
Section the hair horizontally to make sure it all gets dyed. Sections should be about 1/2cm thick.
You’ll apply dye to the length of your hair in 3 equal chunks, so start with the third closest to your roots. Apply the dark blue dye to this area. It’s important to use only as much dye as you need for this so apply it sparingly. Be careful not to get any dye on the rest of your hair, if you do rub it off with a damp cloth ASAP
Take half of the white toner and about a third of the dark blue dye and mix them together in a bowl. This will make a lighter blue. Apply this mixture to the next part of your hair (i.e. the middle part of the length). Don’t worry if the two colours mix a bit but don’t try to blend them yet. Apply toner to the remaining hair.
Now take a wide toothed comb and brush through your hair once from roots to tips to merge the colours slightly.
Once the dye has done its thing (that should take at least 15 minutes) rinse it out in warm water. Try not to touch your hair too much when rinsing so that the colours don’t get smudged.

Now that it’s all dyed and dried you’ll probably want to style it. If you have short hair spikes will look really cool! Make it look random and spike it in different directions. Once the style has set use a little extra gel on the ends to get them really pointy. You can also use glitter gels and sprays to make it look more frosty.

For long hair I recommend using gel and glitter spray. Put small amounts of gel on the ends of your hair to make it look spiky and finish with glitter spray.

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  • Don't use too much dye or it will go completely blue when you try to blend the colours
  • For white to work your hair should be really pale blond