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Baby Rainbows

Published on 2nd November 2012

In the past I have dyed my entire head crazy colours. But increasingly I have become lazier and lazier, not having the patience to faff about with mirrors to see the back of my head. So now I only dye the bits I can see, and those are my fringe and the sides! I was originally going to dye these parts all one colour. But seeing as the bleach bath (otherwise known as a soap cap) worked out so wonderfully, I thought I would have a little fun and try out my first RAINBOW!


This is how my hair was when I started off before:

As it says on the tin!

Now I could have just put dye over the top of that because the previous red and apricot had faded to quite pastel shades. But I wanted it to be a uniform red shade all over, so I decided against that.

To keep the bleached/non-bleached sections separate, I used my trusty pintail comb to part it exactly where I wanted and a selection of sectioning clips to keep the back portion secured away!

And here is the result.


Have you managed to handle all of that? Yes? Well, now we’re onto the fun stuff!


Things you will need:

  • A pintail comb for sectioning
  • Your sectioning clips again to keep the pesky back bit out of the way!
  • LOTS of hair elastics
  • Bowls for your dye and for mixing
  • Gloves, preferably several pairs, though you can of course wash them between colours
  • A tint brush, or alternatively an artist’s paintbrush which is what I use
  • Crazy amounts of patience
  • A spare morning or afternoon or evening or all of them (depends how slow you are – in my case exceedingly)
  • And some dyes I suppose! ;)

For those interested in what I used they were – Rusk Scream Rage Red (it’s a bit rubbish though so I suggest buying a better one off this site), Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange, Directions Apricot, Directions Fluorescent Yellow, Directions Spring Green, Directions Alpine Green, Directions Turquoise, Special Effects Blue Velvet, Crazy Colour Violette and Crazy Colour Pinkissimo. You can of course use fewer colours, mixing some of the rainbow colours up yourself. Or just use a few colours and not make a rainbow, it’s completely up to you!

I carefully sectioned off all the front of my hair by tying each one off with a hair elastic, so I could tell where I wanted each colour to be.

Little little sections

As you can see, I went a bit crazy by making loooooooads of little sections. Yes, it did take ages and drive me slightly mad, but you can make them any width you like.

And then…slap that dye on!

After first painting the colour on with a brush, I like to rub the dye into my hair really well using my gloved fingers. Firstly for better coverage, secondly to get it to soak in better which means it doesn’t stain other sections of hair as it isn’t dripping wet with dye, and finally I like to believe it makes the colour last longer as it is more into my hair rather than just “sitting on top” of it.

Remember also to move those elastics around so that the dye gets all over the section and you aren’t left with some undyed bits! You should now have something like this.

Crazy colours!

Cool eh? You have to wait around now for however much you can stand it leaving all those colours to sink in. Some people put a plastic bag over their hair or cling film or foil or use a hairdryer to speed the whole process up. But I don’t bother with that usually, and just leave nature to do her business. Just make sure you don’t lean up against anything pale!


Once you’ve gotten to the stage that you feel you might explode with excitement if you don’t wash your hair off right this second, then get yourself to an attachable shower head/jug and wash those babies off! But if this is after five minutes, I strongly suggest handcuffing your hands together and wait just a teeny bit longer.

You could just bang your head under the water and wash all of it off at the same time, but this could either go brilliantly well or end up in a bleeding dyes grossness disaster. So I highly recommend washing each section with cool water (not hot as this opens your cuticles and helps the dye run out) and rinse until it runs clear before going onto the next section and so on.

Don’t shampoo your hair either as this will help pull the colour out and why would you wanna do that after all the hard work you’ve put into it? And again it could mix the colours into a horrible bleeding mess!

Once no more dye is running off, carefully remove the elastics separating each part and rinse for one last time under the cool water.

Nearly there!

There’s actually no need for me to put this photo up as I’m sure you know how to wash your hair. But in my vanity I just wanted to try an action shot, and it looks kinda rubbish.

Dry it all off and style, then collapse after being exhausted from it all. Take a quick photo first though in case you find yourself waking up and it’s all a dream.

Oh hello

Oh cool, it’s real.

Once sufficiently recovered enjoy your new found status of local celebrity by receiving smiles, mouth open stares, compliments (I got three in the space of fifteen minutes from different people) and cars allowing you to cross the road.

You have truly made it my friend. Have fun and good luck! :)


I thought I would show some more photos of what it looks like a week later, because like, I can.

A week later

A week later

A week later

In the last photo, I don’t think I paid attention to my own instructions. You can clearly see some bleached hair coming through so I will be dyeing over it soon.

Okay then, I am truly going now. Bye!

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