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  1. Turning Stubborn Ginger Hair into Silvery Gray

    Turning Stubborn Ginger Hair Into Silvery Gray

    Do you have stubborn ginger staining but still dream of silvery gray hair? Believe it or not, it can be done!

  2. Mermaid Ombre with Extensions

    Mermaid Ombre With Extensions

    A look into how to dye an ombre of blue to bright yellow using hair extensions.

  3. Layering Colour at a 45 Degree Angle

    Layering Colour At A 45 Degree Angle

    A great technique for switching up your style with colour!

  4. Removing Permanent Hair Color

    A guide on removing permanent hair color from your hair, using a color remover.

  5. Baby Rainbows

    Baby Rainbows

    Dyeing the front of your hair and keeping the rest natural.

  6. Avoid Bleeding Colours

    How to prevent your hair colours from running into each other

  7. A Short Guide To Henna And Herbal Dyes

    Basic and important information about Henna and other herbal dyes and how to dye your hair with them.

  8. Cat's Guide to Dyeing your Hair Silver

    Cat's Guide To Dyeing Your Hair Silver

    A guide for those in the UK who want white/silver/grey hair before their time!

  9. Quick 'Coon Tails

    Quick 'Coon Tails

    A quick technique for bleaching/dyeing raccoon tails (horizontal stripes) in hair.

  10. How to Dye Rainbow

    How To Dye Rainbow

    How to achieve true rainbow hair from red to purple.

  11. How To Use An Addtive To Remove Unwanted Red/Copper Tone When Bleaching

    Remove those red/copper tones from your hair when bleaching or colouring. In this article I'll show you how to use "Ardell Un-Red Colour Additive"

  12. Have have fun growing out black hair dye

    Have Have Fun Growing Out Black Hair Dye

    Graduated hair color with black ends

  13. Dyeing with Kool-Aid

    Dyeing With Kool-Aid

    How to dye your hair with Kool-Aid

  14. Dyeing the Under-layer of your Bangs

    Dyeing The Under-Layer Of Your Bangs

    Technique for achieving the increasingly popular two-toned, double-layered bangs look.

  15. Loreal Color Oops: A Review

    Reviewing a product that boasts ammonia and bleach-free, gentle color stripping

  16. Colourful 'Coon Tails

    Colourful 'Coon Tails

    Want to dye your hair in Raccoon Tails but in a more interesting way? I'll show you how.

  17. Refresh Your Permanent Hair Colour

    Want a non-damaging way to revive your hair colour?

  18. Getting Black Hair Dye Out

    Getting Black Hair Dye Out

    An easy two step process to get out black dye that won't fry your hair

  19. Achieving Rainbow Hair

    Achieving Rainbow Hair

    How to color your hair rainbow

  20. How To Do A 'Coontail

    How To Do A 'Coontail

    A Guide to 'Coontails

  21. Lasting Colour

    How to get the most out of your semi-permanent hair colour

  22. Streaks & Highlights

    Highlights, streaks of colour... here's how

  23. Going White/Silver

    Going White/Silver

    Interested in dyeing your hair white or silver? Here's how.

  24. Christmas Hair

    Do something seasonal with your hair

  25. Dyeing Effects

    A collection of dyeing techniques to try

  26. Dyeing a colour gradient

    Dyeing A Colour Gradient

    A guide on how to dye a gradient on your hair.

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