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Trisha Reibelt on her Amazing Rainbow Hair

Published on 4th August 2016

If you don’t already know Trisha (aka Tree) from HairCrazy, it’s likely you’ll have seen her stunning hair pictures all over the internet in the last few weeks. Hair colourist Rebecca Taylor created this amazing rainbow in her below-knee-length hair after stumbling across Trisha’s photos on Instagram.

Trisha's Rainbow hair

Trisha, who has been stunning us on HairCrazy with her mesmerising colour schemes and creative photography for more than 10 years, has filled me in on how it all came about and the subsequent media-frenzy surrounding her hair.

Tell us how it began with Rebecca Taylor.

Rebecca couldn’t remember how, but she somehow managed to stumble upon my Instagram page and expressed her desire to work on my hair on one of my photos. We sent several private messages back and forth and it was arranged for me to be one of her hair models for the Melbourne Hair Expo.

How did you feel about modelling for someone so renowned in the hair dyeing world? Were you nervous about it?

I was so nervous when I read her comment on my photo that it took me hours to get through the surge of adrenaline, ha ha ha. I got another hit of adrenaline when I was on my lunch break as I had posted a screen shot on Facebook before work and not only had Rebecca commented on the post, but Guy Tang had too! I should have known I’d have a contact on Facebook who had them as contacts (Katie Siepierski tagged them). It was a crazy day (the good kind of crazy). By the time I actually got to meet Rebecca and Guy, I had calmed down so that all went smoothly. They’re great people.

So Guy Tang was involved? What was he like?

Guy Tang was good. He was very professional in that he only interacted with my hair very occasionally as I was Rebecca’s model and not his (plus he had a stunning model who had long hair anyway – just not as long as mine XD). The banter between Guy and Rebecca was hilarious, they make a fantastic duo on and off stage.

Trisha's Rainbow hair from behind

How long did the whole process take?

My hair was done in two sessions, the first taking about 3 hours and the second around 6 (colouring as well as styling and photo taking). Though these times included Rebecca working on other models at the same time.

I’m curious about what dyes and products she used.

She mostly used Pravana though I don’t know which colours specifically as she pre-empted my hair taking hours to colour so had her colour bowls ready to go by the time I arrived. All colours were mixed with Olaplex.

Did you learn any new colouring or styling techniques from her?

I had never tried sand-art hair before so it was interesting watching the process. Rebecca has a great eye for colour so was working more on instinct than a planned out formula. I was surprised at how narrow the sections she was making were, the trick was to make the sections long vertically.

I noticed you had your hair cut for the show. How did you feel about that, considering how long you’d been growing it?

My last haircut was all the way back in 2004, I had only had the occasional trim since. My hair was at it’s maximum length and I could tell this because of the way it had tapered. For a while I had been um-ing and ah-ing as to whether I wanted to cut to above where it begins to naturally taper, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and do it. Rebecca ended up taking a little more off but it has made getting ready for work quite a bit faster/easier.

After the colour was done, what happened?

Once my hair was coloured, Rebecca quickly braided it and took a few photos as well as video. A number of photos and videos were taken during the process too which she compiled into the video that went a little viral (over 8 million views on Facebook). A couple of days later was when the Melbourne Hair Expo was held and along with the other hair models, I got to be on stage while Rebecca and Guy did their seminar for Olaplex. It was educational and fun.

The video of Trisha’s hair that’s had more than 8 million views. (If you can’t see it, try suspending your ad-blocker)

Wow! I’d say 8 million views is more than a little viral! How soon did the media pick up your story?

The media were actually interested in me before my meet with Rebecca. A couple of media sites had done short write-ups about my hair that included the use of some of my Instagram photos. This article on Seventeen.com was posted on the day I actually met with Rebecca.

Dailymail.com had also contacted me before I flew down to see Rebecca. After a few emails back and forth (with many delays due to me being busy in Melbourne and the writer being off on their scheduled holiday), they published their article. The dailymail.com article and Rebecca’s video of my hair coincidentally went viral at the same time so I got a sudden surge of attention.


Was there any negative impact? The Daily Mail’s comment section can be pretty nasty; I’m guessing your hair came under some scrutiny?

As with all things posted on social media, you get quite a lot of negative nancies who just can’t help but try to put you down. Or they make assumptions that I’ve never had colourful hair before so I’ll wash it wrong and it would all become a muddy mess. Luckily, I’ve had years of experience so can handle negative comments as well as dodging muddy colours, he he he.

I have since tried googling my name and discovered one site had used photos that it had lifted from my Facebook profile pictures (so no watermarks and no mention of my Instagram page). Because of this, I’ll likely need to watermark any pictures I post to Facebook from now on.

Trisha's Rainbow hair lying down

What’s been your favourite comment on your hair so far?

There have been so many that I wouldn’t be able to choose! I do like that I’ve become known as the Rainbow Rapunzel to many.

It’s been a few weeks since Rebecca coloured your hair. How does it look now? Are you planning your next colour?

My hair has been fading beautifully! I initially kept the colours vibrant by doing co-washes and vinegar rinses to prove you can keep a dye scheme like that looking great for long periods. After I hit my one month goal, I began the fading process. Because I haven’t had these colours (Pravana vivids) in my hair before, I’m curious to see what they fade to so I’m going to take my time washing them out. I pre-empted the pink and dark blue at the top of my head bleeding over the lengths so I focused on fading out the green in my length first. With that and the bleeding, my lengths are now varying shades of greys and purples which is really quite pretty!

I actually do have my next dye scheme in mind! I’m wanting to give some Stargazer neons a try :).

Trisha's Rainbow hair pony tail

If you can’t get enough of Tree’s fantastic hair photos, check out her extensive hair timeline and be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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