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Infographic: Choosing the Perfect Purple Hair Dye

Published on 10th August 2018

How to Choose the Right Purple

You want the perfect shade of purple; something that’s not going to fade too blue, but you don’t want it to look pink. You don’t want it to last forever, either – or maybe you do? There are so many shades of purple hair colour around that it can easily lead to decision fatigue.

Let’s take the hassle out of finding the right shade with this quick guide to the most popular purple and violet hair dyes.

Purple? Violet? Lilac or Lavender?

“Purple” represents a group of colours that range from pinkish tones of plum through to cooler, bluer violet shades. Lilac and Lavender hair colours tend to always be pale, pastel shades but you’ll soon find that lavender isn’t always a blue-toned and lilac isn’t always a pinkish purple when it comes to hair dye. It can be a bit confusing.

So instead of relying on colour names or poring over shade charts, I’ve plotted the most popular colours on the chart below to show a side-by-side comparison.

Light to Dark, Warm to Cool

You’ll see that the chart is arranged with cool-toned purples towards the bottom (these tend to be various shades of violet), to warmer purples with a hint of pink at the top. On the left we have pastels and lighter shades and on the right there are the deeper, more pigmented colours.

It makes sense that the more pigmented dyes in this list tend to last longer; having more colour in your hair means it takes longer to wash out, whereas pastels will be easier to remove but will need to be re-applied more often to keep them looking fresh. Generally colours towards the right side of the chart will last longer than those on the left, but there are always exceptions.

UV Reactive Hair Colours

There are very few purple colours that glow under ultraviolet light. They are Special Effects Joyride and Adore Soft Lavender. If you know of other purples that glow under UV light, please comment and let us know!

Purple Hair Colour Chart

Infographic: How to Choose Purple Hair Dye

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