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Infographic: Choosing the Perfect Blue Hair Dye

Published on 22nd June 2018

So, you’ve decided to dye your hair blue and your wondering what hair dye you should use. Maybe you’re seeking something subtle or perhaps wondering what the longest-lasting blue hair dye is. Whether you’re after something short-lived or a blue that’s close to permanent, this graphic gives you an at-a-glance guide to the best blue hair dyes on the market.

There’s a surprising variety of blue hair colours available today, with most brands having several shades in their collections. If you’re completely new to dyeing your hair blue, have a look at this article which will guide you through the basics of dyeing your hair blue, then come back and use this graphic to choose the right dye to use.

For long-lasting blues, go for the darker, more pigmented options like Pravana Blue, Adore Royal Navy or Sparks Nautical Navy. My personal favourite is Special Effects Blue Velvet which lasts so long it may as well be permanent. It has strong violet tones that makes it exceptionally good at covering an uneven bleach job and it’s so filled with pigment that it leaves even the most fried hair looking sleak and shiny.

As with most dyes, pastels tend to wash out more quickly, so if you’re trying blue for the first time or just want to dabble with blue, then I’d recommend some of the ligther shades on my list like Pravana’s Blissful Blue or Adore Periwinkle.

In this infographic I’ve covered a few Turquosie shades but I’ll be creating an entire graphic devoted to Teal and Turquoise in the near future.

Infographic: How to Choose Blue Hair Dye

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