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Hair Colour Recipe: Dusky Pink

Published on 6th February 2017

Dusky pink/rose gold shades are highly sought after but can be difficult to perfect. I’ve come up with a really simple recipe for mixing your own!

If you’re able to lighten your hair to pale blonde it’s easy to make a gorgeous soft, dusky pink colour with just 2 dyes. For slightly warmer blondes this recipe will give you a rose gold colour that’s really on trend.

You will need:

This won’t work if your hair isn’t already blonde, so ensure you pre-lighten as necessary.

Mix the dye up in a ratio of 2 parts pink to 1 part grey and apply. I recommend leaving it for around 30 minutes or longer to soak in.

Want to pick up a few more tips on dyeing your hair rose gold? Check out that link for additional information on achieving the perfect shade of rose gold hair.

You can try this with lavender instead of pink to create a nice dusty lavender colour, too.

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