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Blending Natural with Unnatural

Published on 27th July 2012

I’ve noticed a small but growing trend in the last few weeks for combining natural and unnatural colours. What’s fuelling this fashion?


Unnatural colours are becoming more fashionable and socially acceptable but for some people taking the plunge and dyeing their whole head blue and purple would be a shock to the system. So why not have the best of both worlds and add a flash of colour? Clip-in extensions are also becoming more popular and with zero commitment, people feel freer to experiment with colour.

Job Limitations

Unfortunately it seems bosses and school principals aren’t as accepting of non-standard hair colours but perhaps they’re mellowing and allowing a small amount of colour that can be easily hidden in the workplace.

Too Busy for Maintenance

Another benefit to having a mixture of colours is that there’s less maintenance. Depending on the colour placement, regrowth won’t become visible for several months and could work as part of the style.

Below are examples of some Hair Crazies rocking the natural/unnatural look:

Tips for getting it right

  • Colour placement is paramount and should compliment your cut.
  • Slices or large chunks of colour work best. They’re easy to maintain and the colour doesn’t become lost in the natural hair.
  • Avoid thin highlights. These look great at the top but on longer styles they blend in too much with the rest of the hair; not to mention they’re a pain in the ass when it comes to retouching your roots.
  • Choose unnatural shades that compliment your existing colour.
  • Not sure where to place the hair or what colours to go for? Experiment with clip-ins before committing.

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