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A Closer Look at... Lunatik Hair Dye

Published on 24th June 2015

I was excited to receive a package in the post from Vampire Freaks to test out their new hair colour brand “Lunatik”.

Their aim is to create an ultra long-lasting colour range to rival even the most persistent colours on the market. The tag-line reads “Insanely Intense Hair Dye” so expectations are high!

Lunatik comes in bottles of 118ml (4fl oz) and is currently available in 6 shades though more colours are under development including a neon green called “Toxic Waste”.

  • Bloodlust
  • Asphyxiation
  • Absynthe
  • VF Purple
  • Killer Candy
  • Frostbite

Lunatik hair dye is a new brand from Vampire Freaks

I have 4 of these colours to test out.

Initial Impressions

The dye looks richly pigmented and has a translucent quality much like more gel-like dyes such as Adore. It has a faint inky scent that’s not unpleasant; just another indicator of how pigmented this dye is.

While I generally prefer dyes that come in tubes or tubs, the bottle is flexible and the dye is runny, making it easy to extract and a flip-cap is always handy for easy access when your hands are covered in dye.


Lunatik goes onto the swatches with ease. Its thin gel consistency makes achieving good coverage simple. It slides onto the hair and spreads well, reducing the risk of missed spots. With a slicker consistency, this dye is much more likely to drip than thicker, conditioner based colours like Directions but in my opinion it’s a fair trade-off for such an easy application.


It’s a vivid, medium emerald green colour with cool tones and can appear to be a deeper forest green in low light but has bright, cool tones in strong light. Similar colours include Manic Panic’s Voodoo Forest and Adore’s Emerald.

This one is difficult to photograph accurately but looks very striking in real life. It appears to change colour depending on the light with bluer tones indoors and a slight violet tint in natural light. Asphyxiation is a rich, glowing blue; like stained glass. Our sample as a distinctive violet sheen but it’s most certainly blue. It reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Special Effects’ Electric Blue and it has an unusual luminous quality.

Swatch shows Lunatik colours VF Purple, Killer Candy, Absynthe and Asphyxiation.

From left to right: VF Purple, Killer Candy, Absynthe, Asphyxiation

Killer Candy
Watch out Atomic Pink – you have competition! Killer Candy is a highly pigmented, bright, cool-toned pink. It’s more of a magenta and doesn’t have the fluorescent look of Atomic Pink which I think will make it flattering on all skin tones. It has a similar glowing appearance to Asphyxiation which gives the colour a lot of tonal depth.

VF Purple
This colour is the deepest of those I sampled and much like the other dyes is generous on pigment. It’s a dark violet purple with few pink tones. It left our swatch dark and very shiny. It could easily be diluted with conditioner to create a lighter violet colour. Interestingly, it photographs a bit warmer than it looks in real life.

My Thoughts

Lunatik is now in production and is still being tweaked and developed with new colours soon to be released including a bright green, pastel purple and a vivid orange.

The colours have a stunning luminous quality that gives them a striking appearance. Although the current range of colours is fairly limited, with such pigmented dyes it will be really interesting to see where they can take the brand with a full spectrum of shades. I’m really excited to see what Lunatik grows into.

Have you tried Lunatik? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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