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  1. Wella T14 vs T18: What's the difference?

    Wella T14 Vs T18: What's The Difference?

    Wella's T14 and T18 are often recommended for dyeing your hair grey or silver, but what's the difference. Read on to find out!

  2. Hair Colour Recipe: Dusky Pink

    Hair Colour Recipe: Dusky Pink

    Dusky pink, dusty pink, whatever you like to call it... This beautiful soft pink is flattering with any skin tone and is really simple to make!

  3. Trisha Reibelt on her Amazing Rainbow Hair

    Trisha Reibelt On Her Amazing Rainbow Hair

    Ever wondered what happens when your hair makes you famous? In this article, Tree describes how her hair went viral!

  4. "What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?"

    It's a question I'm often asked: "What colour should I dye my hair?" Let's discuss how to figure out the right colours for you.

  5. Hair-Dyeing Fun with Pravana Locked-In!

    Hair-Dyeing Fun With Pravana Locked-In!

    Playing with creative dyeing techniques using Pravana's new no-run hair colours.

  6. A Closer Look at... Lunatik Hair Dye

    A Closer Look At... Lunatik Hair Dye

    Lunatik is a brand new dye to the market. I review out 4 colours from this exciting new brand.

  7. Announcement: Photo of the Month Prizes!

    Announcement: Photo Of The Month Prizes!

    Submit your photo for a chance to win hair dye!

  8. 5 Colour Removal Techniques put to the Test

    5 Colour Removal Techniques Put To The Test

    Which colour removal processes actually work? I'm going to find out.

  9. A Closer Look at... Manic Panic's New Colours

    A Closer Look At... Manic Panic's New Colours

    As part of a new series, I take a detailed look at the latest hair dyeing products, as well as review some classics you may not have tried. In this post I test out Manic Panic's new colours Siren's Song, Voodoo Forest and Deep Purple Dream.

  10. The Hair Colour Numbering System Explained

    Have you ever wondered what the numbers on professional hair colours mean, or wondered why someone described themselves as a "level 9 blonde"? I'll explain how the colour numbering system works for hair dye.

  11. An Interview With: Anya Goy

    An Interview With: Anya Goy

    We chat with Anya Goy, hair colourist and rainbow enthusiast, and pick her brain on the latest hair dyeing techniques and trends.

  12. Updated: Directions Hair Colour Formulation Changes

    Updated: Directions Hair Colour Formulation Changes

    La Riche recently issued a statement that some colours had been reformulated due to EU regulations. We've conducted some strand tests to show the differences.

  13. Experiment: Colour Remover On Direct Dye

    Can colour removers designed to remove permanent dyes work on unnatural colours?

  14. Blending Natural with Unnatural

    Blending Natural With Unnatural

    You don't need to dye all your hair to inject some colour!

  15. Celebrating 10 Years Of Crazy Hair!

    Last month we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Check out the video we made to mark the occasion!

  16. The Truth About Toner

    When it comes to toning your hair white, there are a lot of misconceptions.

  17. We Need Your Support!

    Would you like to help with HairCrazy? Here are a few ideas that will make a big difference to the site.

  18. My Favourite Hair Timelines

    Of the many hundreds of hair timelines, I share some of my favourites.

  19. 5 Colour Problems Solved

    Some people always seem to have great hair colour but did you ever wonder why? In this article I'll explain how you can achieve better colouring results.

  20. Hot Orange

    Once the most unpopular colour for hair dye, orange is suddenly gaining popularity.

  21. Silver Summer

    Summer usually means bright colours but this year silver seems to be most sought after.

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