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So You Fried Your Hair

22 January 2010

So I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve had or currently have fried hair. Some people honestly don’t know how their hair got to such a state, and those of us that know the why obviously didn’t care at the time. This article is going to discuss the causes of the fried hair syndrome as well as ways to treat, repair, and hide the damage. Let me guess, you’ve currently got a case of cotton candy hair. AKA hair that is so ruined that it’s just…fluffy looking, well, like cotton candy. This is the epiphany of ruined hair, but no fear, for I shall let you in on some of my secrets for treating such a case of destruction to your hair follicles. First though, let’s figure out how fried of hair we’re dealing with here. Do you find that if you run your fingers through your wet hair you come out with globs of wet hair? And I don’t mean the normal amount you get from shedding, I mean disgusting amount of broken hair coming out. If this is the case, congrats, your hair is pretty much ruined and the only thing you can really do is try to trim off as much of the damage as you can stand and start over. When wet, does your hair feel abnormally soft? THIS IS NOT GOOD! And it certainly does not mean your hair is healthy, it means it is damn near to breaking off everywhere. There is also a simple strand test you can do to determine your hair’s current strength. Take a strand of hair and pull it in opposite directions. If you find that it is rather stretchy, then your hair is rather fried. If when the strand eventually snaps, it doesn’t go into a curly, then yea, fried. Now let’s go over some rules to get your hair looking healthy.


1) Your hair is dead the second it leaves your scalp, so there is nothing you can really do to completely restore it, your best bet for getting your hair to look healthy is to cut off as much of the damage as you can stand and eliminate the cotton candy ends.

2) If your hair is really damaged NO MORE BLEACHING! Give it a rest for at LEAST a month and work on getting some sort of life back into it.

3) Find a REALLY good leave in conditioner, I highly recommend Paul Mitchell’s leave in for damaged hair. Mane and Tail is another really good one that is rather cheap.

4) Find a nice darker color. Dark colors fill in porous hair better and hence give the hair a more even and healthier appearance, it also makes hair appear more shiny, another thing that will make it look healthier.

5) Use gentle shampoos, you don’t want to be drying your hair out any more than necessary when cleaning it.

6) CHILL with the heat products, these damage healthy hair enough as it is, so think of what they do to your fried hair? If you MUST use them, get a really good silicone heat glide treatment to protect your hair and only use the heat products once or twice a week. So those are some nice rules for getting your hair to at least look less fried. I hope this helps you guys _


  • Great tips =] I also suggest Hask Placenta for Extremely Damaged hair and Proclaim cholesterol. Both of those sound icky, but trust me--they're very effective. Hask is a liquid, leave-in treatment that restores at least a little bit of life right on contact (due to its protein). Cholesterol is a cream for softening the hair and scalp. Report Comment
  • The cheapest helper I've found: Olive oil. It really works. You just leave in for 1/2 an hour and then wash and condition as normal. I've mixed eggs to this before and that seems to help strengthen as well. Steering clear of alcohol (it strips the oil) also helps. Report Comment
  • If you're gonna dye again, maybe consider using a demi color like Natural Instincts-- it's more gentle. I fried my hair very badly a few days ago and used N.I.-- it's much more managable now. Ditto on a small haircut going a long way, and on avoiding heat. Report Comment
  • Eggs are great for repairing hair as they contain protien and thats what your hair needs the most!! I mix an egg with a small amount of olive oil and away i go! Mayo is good to but tends to strip colour. If your hair stretches when wet and doesnt break - its good. It should act like elastic when healthy. If you pull and it breaks instead of stretches, its damaged. Report Comment
  • i just started using the hask placenta on my fried hair and after first use it definitely felt much better. i also suggest using the Redken Extreme line of shampoo/conditioner and leave-in treatments. Works great and is gentle on color. Report Comment
  • Hair can get it at target for 9 bucks a container...saved my hair when it was falling out Report Comment
  • Infusium 23 conditioner (frizz control or moisturizing) worked really well for me when I fried my hair. I skipped washing and went straight for the conditioner, smoothed my hair onto my head so it wouldn't get in my face and left it for a couple hours. I don't know if it would fade color at all as I was only bleached at the time. Report Comment
  • Coconut oil, about a £1 a tub from superdrug. It's hard but melts when warmed between hands. Smear it in & leave it on all night wash off the next day with a mild/baby shampoo & condition well. Works everytime, Awesome on holiday too smear into hair in the morning & leave in all day protects from sun, sea water & chlorine. You may have to keep it in the fridge if the weather is warm as it will turn to a liquid. Report Comment
  • i use hair mayonnaise just like thebabyDino! that stuff i use like leave-in conditioner, like a hairmask, or just a rinse. after 2 weeks my hair made extreme progress after bleaching my bangs 4times. Report Comment
  • The best thing i have found so far is Aussies 3 minute miracle reconstructing conditioner. My hair was an absolute tip, just fluff everywhere and i used that twice and now its like new. Report Comment
  • I have found henna wax is super for restoring damaged hair I also like to use Pantene smooth and sleek shampoo and conditioner as well as there leave in conditioner. I put a ton of henna wax in my hair in the bath then cover that with Pantene conditioner and leave in while I take my bath. Once a week does the trick. Because it reacts with heat when i blow dry my hair later it seems to be softer than if i leave it to air dry....Just don't forget to use a heat protection. Report Comment
  • Some excellent tip's here but id have2say osmo deep conditioning treatment really brought my hair back2life:) iv alway's been a serial bleacher/colour'er but b4 done my hairdressing didn't realise the damage i was doin!!! while i would of been bleaching my regrowth the last 20min of developing time id of put the rest of product on the rest of my hair to brighten it up. suprisingley i got away with this for a year then my hair all snapped of with over processing:(:( had 2 fill my hair out after a very good cut then put a 4.03 years later my hair's in excellent condition even though still bleaching away. so OSMO def my life saver. Report Comment
  • aussie 3 minute miracle is fantastic, i fried my hair and lost all my length because it was soooo bad.... i was scared to get my hair wet, it would turn to rubber....the horror.... anyway 3 min miracle i really recommend (it is about 4 squid a bottle but deffo worth it!!! :) Report Comment
  • I have two current products which I'm raving about, both a bit pricey though unfortunately. The first is Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor (About £10 for 150ml) which you use between shampoo and conditioner, it's an intense protein treatment, you leave it on for about 5 minutes and then condition. I sometimes buy a kit which has the shampoo, conditioner and intense hydrator in as well, when my hair needs a treat! I used this on recommendation from a friend, after bleach bathing my hair for the third time it was all chewing gummy and breaking off as I touched it. I whacked some JOico on and a few minutes later.. I was able to comb it without worrying I was going to be bald! It's unbelievably good, although it smells a bit like bananas/bubblegum which isn't so nice! The other miracle product is MorrocanOil. I paid £40 for 200ml, it's bloody expensive but the active ingerdient is argan oil, which you can get at Holland & Barretts, or Boots Organix do their own version which is a lot cheaper too. You use it after washing, my hair gets quite dry and knotty as I only wash it twice a week, I rub two pumps of the oil through and then the comb just glides. It helps split ends, makes my hair shiny ands stops frizz, and it smells really lovely, kinda musky/spicy. I would recommend either one of those products if you have really killed your hair, they've done actual miracles for mine! Report Comment
  • After i bleached my hair three times, it was feeling fried on the ends. so i put deep conditioner in my hair several times a day, and kept it in there for three days. it worked real well!! then when i washed it out, i didnt shampoo- i just used conditioner [herbal essences hello hydration] my hair was saved by doing this Report Comment
  • Morrocan oil is pretty fantastic, I must say. I have used 3 minute miracle, and its good, but currently I use Abba shampoos and conditioners and the shampoos do not have sulfates in them so I find that they are far less harsh on my hair. I miss St Ives hair repair which was discontinued after a low demand apparently Report Comment
  • I did this to my hair once, I used conditioner, had it in all night once a week. I washed my hair every 3 or 4 days, my hair was back to "normal" in around a month. Report Comment
  • Palmer's Coconut Protein Pack I use it once a week on my hair. Usually I'll leave it in for about 30 minutes and apply mild heat before I rinse it out. I stripped my hair 6 times bleached it twice, and dyed it, all within 3 days. This product literally saved my hair. Not only is it cheap, but it works wonders. My hair is extremely long (I have to move my hair to keep from buttoning it in my pants) and despite everything I've done to it, it's still soft enough to run my fingers through. Report Comment
  • Its a 10 is a great product if your hair is fried. I use it as my normal hair product to keep my hair from getting fried. Also using products with Keratin in them helps, as does taking Biotin. I usually just shave my head if it gets that bad though. Report Comment
  • Beautiful Textures is good after bleaching as well. I live by this stuff, I dont use it except for when I am going to take a day break between bleaching and dying the hair. After I bleach, I take a glop of this stuff and just work it in and let it set as long as I can stand it. Its awesome stuff. Report Comment
  • I don't believe it was mentioned (I skimmed for the most part) but I have tried everything I ended up seeing here and most are helpful but the best thing EVER that I had found was Aphogee 2 Step. I mean I used it and I was like HOLY SNAP THIS STUFF WORKS!!!! It's suppose to restore the protein that is striped from bleach. I seriously over bleached one time to get pastel and silver hair and I ended up having to cut off about 3 inches and still had beyond dead hair, I followed this things mention above and then this and I was knocked to the floor with the results. I love it soooo much and I hope other users will feel the same :) Report Comment
  • Oh my god, BlahBlahBullshit, thank you so much for mentioning the Aphogee treatment! I overbleached my hair recently and couldn't comb it, was practically snapping off at the slightest touch, fluffed up... tried some things but wasn't working at all, so I got Aphogee and holy snap it worked! I did the treatment twice and it left my hair like I had just bleached it the first two times (kinda dry but still strong and manageable). I'm getting a jumbo set just so I can do it again every 2-3 months, haha :D I also recommend combining some products, for ex: after the Aphogee treatments, I also used Aussie 3 min. Miracle (yes, after Aphogee's step 2 moisturizer) and while drying my hair, Aphogee's leave-in conditioner for an extra boost. My hair was fine in two days. Mind you, my hair was extremely damaged so gauge the time, kind and amount of products you use. I have thick, black Asian hair, so you might not need this much depending on your hair type. Report Comment
  • I have recently ran across some good stuff Miracle 7 Keratin Conditioner. I also have the shampoo but what I have been doing so I dont get limp hair is alternate shampoo's. One day because I am still trying to fade the color so the bleach doesnt have to stay on so long, I use the clarifying shampoo or head and shoulders. I follow up with the Miracle 7 Keratin Conditioner, I just leave it in a couple of minutes and then because I have curly hair, I follow that with scrunching spray gel in my hair. I hear that Joico K Pak is awesome, Kerastase, Phyto are all good products but they are pricey. I would love to hear from Urs being that she is a professional on the pricey products. I am guessing that her clients ask for some of those in the salon, not sure but just a guess :) Also would like to hear if the Kerastase is really worth it, with me having curly hair it is hard to find good products that dont weigh my hair down. My problem is that my hair is stick straight when it is wet and then kinks up as it dries. Weird to watch actually, there is nothing normal about me. Report Comment
  • This post is completely obvious. For someone who's been in the situation of having shitty/weirdly soft/falling out in clumps/crying over my falling out hair, you should go out and buy Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair, it's 15 dollars. Mix that with any deep conditioner, olive oil and egg whites then put it in a shower cap overnight. It should be softer than before you even bleached it. Report Comment
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One has a fantastic leave in conditioner, it's the most ridiculously hydrating cruelty free product I've been able to find. I have badly dry hair not just due to bleaching but also due to my inability to digest properly, before using this my hair felt like straw and now it's much softer and even less frizzy. Also it's only about $12.50 Australian dollars per bottle and the bottle will last you a while. It really has been a magic product for me, I do suggest people give it a try. The only bad thing I can say about it is that my hair will feel a bit more greasy than without it but that could be normal for a leave in conditioner. Report Comment

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