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So You Fried Your Hair

Published on 22nd January 2010

So I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve had or currently have fried hair. Some people honestly don’t know how their hair got to such a state, and those of us that know the why obviously didn’t care at the time. This article is going to discuss the causes of the fried hair syndrome as well as ways to treat, repair, and hide the damage.

Let me guess, you’ve currently got a case of cotton candy hair. AKA hair that is so ruined that it’s just…fluffy looking, well, like cotton candy. This is the epiphany of ruined hair, but no fear, for I shall let you in on some of my secrets for treating such a case of destruction to your hair follicles. First though, let’s figure out how fried of hair we’re dealing with here. Do you find that if you run your fingers through your wet hair you come out with globs of wet hair? And I don’t mean the normal amount you get from shedding, I mean disgusting amount of broken hair coming out. If this is the case, congrats, your hair is pretty much ruined and the only thing you can really do is try to trim off as much of the damage as you can stand and start over. When wet, does your hair feel abnormally soft? THIS IS NOT GOOD! And it certainly does not mean your hair is healthy, it means it is damn near to breaking off everywhere. There is also a simple strand test you can do to determine your hair’s current strength. Take a strand of hair and pull it in opposite directions. If you find that it is rather stretchy, then your hair is rather fried. If when the strand eventually snaps, it doesn’t go into a curly, then yea, fried. Now let’s go over some rules to get your hair looking healthy.


1) Your hair is dead the second it leaves your scalp, so there is nothing you can really do to completely restore it, your best bet for getting your hair to look healthy is to cut off as much of the damage as you can stand and eliminate the cotton candy ends.

2) If your hair is really damaged NO MORE BLEACHING! Give it a rest for at LEAST a month and work on getting some sort of life back into it.

3) Find a REALLY good leave in conditioner, I highly recommend Paul Mitchell’s leave in for damaged hair. Mane and Tail is another really good one that is rather cheap.

4) Find a nice darker color. Dark colors fill in porous hair better and hence give the hair a more even and healthier appearance, it also makes hair appear more shiny, another thing that will make it look healthier.

5) Use gentle shampoos, you don’t want to be drying your hair out any more than necessary when cleaning it.

6) CHILL with the heat products, these damage healthy hair enough as it is, so think of what they do to your fried hair? If you MUST use them, get a really good silicone heat glide treatment to protect your hair and only use the heat products once or twice a week.

So those are some nice rules for getting your hair to at least look less fried. I hope this helps you guys _

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