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Perfect Rose Gold Hair

Published on 8th May 2018

You can’t have missed the Rose Gold hair phenomenon that’s blown up this year. It’s a fantastic way to try some colour that’s easy to reverse and probably won’t get you fired. So, how exactly do you dye your hair Rose Gold? It’s all about choosing the right shade. Read on to find out how to perfect this pale pink hair trend.

Dark rose gold hair using Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

Photo by PrettyWhenYouCry

What should you know before you dye?

To get the best from your hair colour, it’s important to understand how it works. Rose Gold is a very pale shade of Coral or Pink that’s applied over blonde hair. Pastel colours like this are translucent, so the underlying shade of blonde will have significant impact on the result. You’ll need to choose the right shade of Rose Gold hair dye to compliment your hair’s existing tones.

The first step is to make sure your hair is light enough. Anything darker than blonde won’t work; Rose Gold simply won’t show up on darker hair. With very light blonde (level 9) hair you can choose any shade, but even darker, golden blondes can achieve stunning results with the right choice of dye.

Start with an even base colour. Correct areas of dark banding or uneven areas by spot-bleaching them to match the rest of your hair. Since pale colours like Rose Gold don’t take as well on dark areas, applying it to an uneven base colour has the effect of highlighting the difference in tones.

Pale pink/rose gold hair by AimeeBlondie

Photo by AimeeBlondie

Choosing the right shade

Rose Gold hair colours come in a range of shades from pink to light orange. If your hair is already a bit gold (i.e. level 7 or 8 warm blonde), then you should choose a pinker shade for your Rose Gold; this combines the existing warm tones in your hair with pastel pink to create a soft coral colour. I recommend Adore’s Cotton Candy, or if you need something a bit darker go for Fruit Punch. Remember to do a strand test to check the outcome.

If your hair is already light, you can choose between vivid shades or more subtle tints. I love Pravana Crystals in Rose Quartz, or for a very slightly warmer colour try Pravana Rose Gold. An excellent and cheaper alternative is Sparks in either Rose Gold, or if your base is a little uneven go for Sparks Wild Flamingo. All of these dyes have the advantage of not damaging your hair, so you can top up the colour as often as you need to.

Remember that for the most subtle Rose Gold shades your hair will need to be very light to begin with. If in doubt, go for a more pigmented colour.

If you want something that’s a shade or two darker there are 2 very reliable peach colours on the market: Crazy Color’s Peachy Coral and Rose Gold. Peachy Coral is a really beautiful flamingo pink that pairs amazingly well with Crazy Color’s Graphite for a modern colour scheme.

Warm rose gold hair colour

Photo by jazzyminimomo

Keeping it fresh

Pastel colours tend to fade quickly. That may be a good thing if you just want to dabble with dye or if you like to change your colour often, but if you intend to keep your hair Rose Gold for a while prepare to re-colour every few weeks.

As well as shampoo, heat and light accelerate fading, so keep your hair out of strong sunlight when possible. Try a coloured shampoo or conditioner between retouches. You can make your own coloured conditioner by mixing a darker shade of Rose Gold with your usual conditioner. Deep peach colours like Adore’s Fruit Punch are ideal for this. Or try Crazy Color’s Vibrant Pink shampoo to add back some colour.

Layering on pastel shades will give your hair a multi-tonal metallic look. Adding a hint of a neutral grey like Crazy Color Graphite can give your hair colour a chalkier, more matte appearance.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to Rose Gold, it’s just a matter of allowing it to wash out. Dandruff and clarifying shampoos will speed up the process.

Cool toned pastel pink hair

Photo by Nunuify


To dye your hair rose gold you need to start with even, blonde hair. Choose the shade appropriate to your base colour:

  • Warm or golden blondes should use a pastel pink
  • Darker blondes can use a darker peach colour to create a dark rose gold
  • Light blondes will get best results with pale peach shades.

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