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How to Dye your Hair Blue

Published on 27th February 2013

I’ve covered the basics in the two previous articles in this series; How to Dye your Hair Pink and How to Dye your Hair Purple. If you’re new to hair dyeing, take a few minutes to read the first couple of paragraphs in these articles where I explain about why it’s so important to lighten your hair before dyeing it an unnatural colour.

The TL;DR version is that the base colour will “shine through” any colour you put on top, so if your hair is dark then putting a lighter blue colour over the top of it isn’t going to show up.

Starting with a pale and even blonde colour is more important with blue than most colours. When it goes wrong it can look spectacularly bad with an uneven mess of dish-water green. I’m going to show you how to dyeing your hair blue can look fantastic.

You’ll probably remember from art class that yellow + blue = green. The same applies to hair dye. If you put blue dye over yellow hair, generally you will end up with something green, so don’t skimp on the pre-lightening stage. Do a strand test before dyeing your hair to check that you can bleach your hair to pale blonde. If you can’t get it light enough, you might want to consider Purple or Red which are more forgiving colours, but if you’re really set on blue then read on. I have another option for you to try!

A shade to Suit your Colouring

Almost everyone can find a shade of blue to suit their skin tone. If you’re pale you might think blue will wash you out, but in fact pale and cool-toned skins suit blue extremely well and any shade will look great. Darker and warmer skin tones will suit bold, violet-base blue hair colours. Turquoise will look great on most people (especially darker skin tones) but if you would describe your skin tone as “olive” then check how it will look by holding up a piece of turquoise paper or cloth next to your face to see if it looks good.

Pastel Blue Hair Dyes

There are a few really beautiful pastel blue shades on the market for those who achieve a pale, even base colour.

Manic Panic’s Bad Boy Blue is a soft powder blue which fades out to silver. Since it’s so pastel expect to retouch the colour often. For something a bit more vibrant, try Crazy Color’s Bubblegum

Another fantastic colour is” Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise which is bright but not as green as other turquoise shades.

Vivid Blues

There are almost too many amazing blue hair colours to name but I will go through some of the best here.
For a gorgeous true blue shade with a lot of depth, I recommend Directions Atlantic Blue, Special Effects Blue Mayhem or the very similar Capri Blue by Crazy Color. They are strong colours that last well on bleached hair.

If you fancy something a shade lighter then give Special Effects Blue Haired Freak, Directions Lagoon Blue, Sky Blue by Crazy Color or Stargazer’s Coral Blue a try. Manic Panic fans should check out Rockabilly Blue. It might be just the shade you’re looking for! Since these are slightly lighter blues, I don’t recommend them if your hair has any golden tones which will give them a green tinge.

For anyone whose hair was almost light enough but still has some warm tones, for example if your hair was previously dyed brown and you bleached it out, then give Directions Neon Blue a shot. It’s more purple-toned than any of the other blue hair colours I’ve mentioned which helps neutralise yellow tones. It won’t fade green and has an almost electric glow in sunlight! Another great option for anyone seeking a purplish-blue is Stargazer’s Ultra Blue. Generally darker blues will cover darker hair colours, so read on for my recommendations on deeper shades to try.

Dark & Shiny

Electric Blue by Special Effects, Manic Panic’s After Midnight Blue DirectionsMidnight Blue, all give a fantastic lustrous colour to bleached hair. Deeper colours add a lot of shine and these blues look deep in normal light and have bright blue reflexes in sunlight. It’s almost as though your hair has changed colour! For a great, long-lasting blue try Pravana’s Blue. It’s a very true blue colour and can be mixed with other shades like Violet or Green to adjust the shade. Going even darker than these shades are Indigo by Adore and Stargazer’s Blue Black which are both rich, inky blue dyes.

And then there is Blue Velvet ; the deepest shade of blue hair dye there is. This fantastic dye will cover your bleaching failures and previous dye jobs like magic. It is extremely pigmented which makes it almost black to begin with. It soon fades to a more noticeable blue but is still darker than any other shade on the market. The high pigment content means that it covers darker hair well and gives your hair an amazing shine. Blue Velvet lasts incredibly well, so can be a bit of a commitment. The only down-side to this high pigmentation is that it stains like crazy for the first few weeks. Expect to look like a Smurf and don’t even think about scratching your head unless you want blue fingernails. You should also put an old towel over your pillowcase, wear dark clothing and avoid resting your head against white sofas! The colour is so beautiful that it’s worth the trouble!

Blue Hair Photos

If you’re still undecided on which blue hair colour is for you, then why not check out our Blue Hair Gallery, or to see photos of the products I’ve mentioned then view our Product Gallery!

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