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How to Dye Your Fringe and Hair Separate Colors

Published on 10th July 2009

Going to the salon is great, but lets face it: not everyone wants to pay an arm and a leg for a hairstyle you’ll probably change next month anyway.

That’s why I chose to do it myself right in my own bathroom. It turned out so rad, even my mom liked it.

So have no fear hair-dyeing newbie! This look is easy enough for a first timer.


  • Two boxes drug store hair color. Brand choice is up to you, however I used Revlon. Its cheap and not too damaging. (esp- if your coloring for the first time!).

  • Up to four clips of mini rubber-bands (for separating hair)
  • A comb
  • Petroleum Jelly (optional)

I choose to skip the whole “jelly on the hairline and ears” routine (Petroleum jelly), but if this is your first time working with ANY color, you should probably have it on hand.

Shampoo twenty-four hours ahead of dying time.

This process can probably work on any head, but layered hair is proven.

Give your nice clean, dry hair a good brushing. Then comb your fringe/bangs down in their normal style.

Next part your hair at the roots, combing forward and secure your fringe/bangs firmly with rubber-bands or clips.

You’re going to use the lighter color first. If you have layered fringe/bangs/hair in general- make sure when you’re pulling the brunt of your hair back to be separated and colored that you lift and secure a few bang pieces/strands as well. In the end, this will result in a more natural clean looking hair pattern.

Following the easy-peasy color instructions that come with the color (make sure you wear the gloves when applying color) leave on for time instructed then rinse normally.

Pull back and secure lighter dyed hair (dry or wet-I find wet easier to manage) and undo your fringe/bangs. Repeat color process Being extra cautious with the darker dye.

Rinse out darker dye and apply conditioner provided with your color all over your head and leave on for a good five to seven minutes. Do not shampoo for another twenty-four to forty eight hours.

And Ta-da! Your head is fabulous.

The total cost for this project can range anywhere from five to ten dollars depending on where you get your supplies and what brand you use.

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  • Putting a lighter dye over already coloured hair will not lighten it