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  1. How to Dye your Hair Grey

    How To Dye Your Hair Grey

    Grey hair is great way to have an alternative look that's acceptable in the workplace.

  2. How To Dye Your Hair Pastel Colours

    How To Dye Your Hair Pastel Colours

    High fashion or high maintenance? Pastel hair requires some skill to achieve. Here's how to dye your hair the pastel colour of your choice.

  3. How to Dye your Hair Blue

    How To Dye Your Hair Blue

    Ever been curious about how to dye your hair blue? In this article I explain how to get the perfect shade of blue and recommend products to suit your colouring.

  4. How to Dye your Hair Purple

    How To Dye Your Hair Purple

    Have you always wanted purple hair but don't know where to begin? Read on to find out which are the best shades to use and how to perfect your purple.

  5. How to Dye your Hair Pink

    How To Dye Your Hair Pink

    Tired of boring hair? Add some colour to your life with this how-to guide on colouring your hair pink!

  6. Dyeing Your Hair An Unnatural Colour

    What's the best way to go about dyeing your hair? This article looks at how to achieve the best possible colour

  7. Bleaching Your Hair

    A guide to bleaching your hair for the first time

  8. Dyeing Unbleached Hair

    Dyeing Unbleached Hair

    If you can't or won't bleach your hair there's still a way to get an unnatural colour.

  9. Root Regrowth

    Your roots have grown in. Here's how to deal with it.

  10. How To Do A Strand Test

    Whether you need to know how you hair will look with a new colour or what condition it will be in after a chemical process; a strand test is your friend.

  11. Getting The Most Out Of Your Red Hair

    This guide aims to eliminate some of the mystery and difficulty of taking care of your red hair, keeping it vibrant for longer periods of time.

  12. So You Fried Your Hair

    A guide for when you've completely murdered your hair and how to resurrect it

  13. Tricks To Long Lasting Color

    The secrets to keeping your color looking fresh.

  14. Bleach Bathing

    A step by step guide to making your own bleach bath for lightening or colour removal.

  15. Combination Colour Fading Treatment

    An effective combination of different fading treatments, all wrapped up into one.

  16. The Ultimate Dyeing/Bleaching Preparation List

    Everything you need to set up and do before bleaching or dyeing.

  17. An Alternative Method for Bleaching Roots

    An Alternative Method For Bleaching Roots

    An alternative method for bleaching root regrowth with lots of photos!

  18. Conditioning Vitamin C Hair Mask

    Conditioning Vitamin C Hair Mask

    A vitamin C treatment for those who love how it fades colour, but hate how it can dry out your hair.

  19. Removing Hair Dye Safely & Cheaply

    This a cheap and simple method recently described to me by a stylist friend with many years of experience.

  20. How To Dye Your Fringe And Hair Separate Colors

    Super easy, inexpensive way to achieve two different colors on one head.

  21. Cutting Your Hair Into A Mohawk--The Easy Way!

    technique for acheiving a straight and even mohawk

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