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14th June 2003

It had been months since Adam had had anything interesting done with his hair because he was too busy doing nothing. Now that the HairCrazy shop had finally aquired Special Effects, Adam was keen to try it. We decided on a purple colour since Adam only ever seems to have his hair blue or red – might as well have something in the middle. It had been so long since his hair had been dyed that all the bleach had grown out so we started by bleaching it to a pale blond. Here is the usual before and after shots. As you can see there’s a rare glimpse of Adam’s natural colour. After it was bleached we dyed it Wild Flower as seen in the second photo. If only I’d turned the flash off when I took that pic!

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My Thoughts

Special Effects lived up to my expectations. The photos don’t really show the colour as it really is (it was taken in a hurry) and the actual colour is very much more purple.

Quite a cool colour and one of the best things about it is that Adam gets embarrassed by having his hair dyed wild flower cause he thinks it makes him sound fruity.


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