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#28 Yellow, Pink & Purple Combo

Published on 9th January 2009

Hard to believe it’s been 6 months since Adam’s last adventure and in that time he’s been dyeing it himself. He’s been pretty impatient with letting one colour fade out before using another and as a result he showed up to my place with a green mess and dirty blond roots. I had to bleach the lot to get a pale base to work with.

The photo below shows how Adam’s hair looked prior to bleaching:

For this Adventure I used these colours:
  • Directions Bright Daffodil
  • Directions Flamingo Pink
  • Manic Panic Ultra Violet
To style his hair I used V05 Rework Fibre Putty
A combination of leftover colours has left Adam's hair a green mess.
After bleaching, Adam’s hair was almost all pale blond with a few greenish patches where the colour was too stubborn. I began applying colour to the root area first. Since yellow is easily bled into, it’s best to put it near the roots where the run-off from other colours is least likely to cause problems. I worked through his hair brushing the colour onto the root area only as with a root touch up. Next I applied the pink, in a similar way, to the mid-lengths, leaving the ends untouched. Finally I brushed the Ultra Violet onto the tips of his hair and allowed it to process for around 40 minutes before rinsing.
Yellow dye is applied to the root area. You can see some of the green still remains.
After applying all three colours.
To style Adam’s hair I first blow-dried it, drying in all directions to make it as fluffy as possible. When it was completely dry I rubbed a small dollop of fibre putty through my fingertips and scrunched it through his hair to distribute it. Starting at the top I pulled chunks of his hair up and forward to create a messy spiked look. For the sides I used a bit more putty on my finger tips and raked my fingers back through his hair curving upwards towards the back. I used the same technique to style the hair upwards at the back. To define a few tips I used a bit of extra fibre putty on the ends of the spike. The great thing about this product is that you can rework the hair until you’re happy with the style. To finish I used some hairspray to keep his style in place.
The colour becomes more visible when his hair is styled.
Coloured and spiked

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My Thoughts

I was pleased that this unusual colour scheme worked on Adam’s hair. I was especially pleased with the strong, almost natural yellow shade we achieved using Bright Daffodil and in real life/day light the colours look much stronger and more vibrant.
Adam says this is his favourite Adventure so far!


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