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  1. #30 Fluorescent Yellow, Blue and Purple

    #30 Fluorescent Yellow, Blue And Purple

    A highlighter yellow graduated from blue to plum.

  2. #29 Asymmetric Plum & Turquoise

    #29 Asymmetric Plum & Turquoise

    A contrasting combo of bright turquoise-blue and deep, rich plum.

  3. #28 Yellow, Pink & Purple Combo

    #28 Yellow, Pink & Purple Combo

    A combination of yellow with pink and purple really shouldn't look good but somehow works on Adam.

  4. #27 Blue Contrast

    #27 Blue Contrast

    I wanted to create something eye-catching and unique for this Adventure. To do this I used contrasting colours and an adaptation of the tip dyeing technique.

  5. #26 Orange Blackcurrant

    #26 Orange Blackcurrant

    Juicy orange and plum are the dominant colours in this stripy adventure.

  6. #25 Fluorescent & Plum

    #25 Fluorescent & Plum

    We thought it was time Adam tried out LaRiche's new Directions colour Fluorescent Glow. We combined it with purple and pink to give this strange combo.

  7. #24 Rainbow

    #24 Rainbow

    Adam's hair is dyed a rainbow of colours

  8. #23 Blue Cherry

    #23 Blue Cherry

    This time Adam goes blue with a burst of colour

  9. #22 Blue, Turquoise, Green

    #22 Blue, Turquoise, Green

    Blue fading into turquoise into green, a new look for Adam

  10. #21 Contrasting Colours (Red & Green)

    #21 Contrasting Colours (Red & Green)

    Ever noticed how red next to green makes your eyes go crazy? We try it on Adam's hair.

  11. #20 Experimental Red & Purple

    #20 Experimental Red & Purple

    Red and purple look so good together we thought we'd try it again.

  12. #19 Unripened Banana!

    #19 Unripened Banana!

    Adam gets his hair dyed a bright yellow and green combination.

  13. #18 Neon Pink, Yellow & Orange

    #18 Neon Pink, Yellow & Orange

    This is an insanely bright pink, yellow and orange hair do.

  14. #17 The Atomic Experiment

    #17 The Atomic Experiment

    Two colours - Atomic Pink and Atomic Turquoise. Just how atomic are they?

  15. #16 Spring Green, Lagoon Blue & Plum

    #16 Spring Green, Lagoon Blue & Plum

    Adam's hair is coloured green blue and purple

  16. #15 Vermillion & Electric Banana

    #15 Vermillion & Electric Banana

    Is Adam's head on fire? No, it's just a red orange yellow colour combo

  17. #14 After Midnight Blue, Ultra Violet and New Rose

    #14 After Midnight Blue, Ultra Violet And New Rose

    Adam's first experience of Manic Panic

  18. #13 Atomic Pink

    #13 Atomic Pink

    Since Adam's hair always faded to pink we decided it was time to do pink for real

  19. #12 Apple Green with Black

    #12 Apple Green With Black

    Time Adam tried a proper green

  20. #11 Burgundy and Poppy Red

    #11 Burgundy And Poppy Red

    This time Adam rocks the purple and red look

  21. #10 Intense Red

    #10 Intense Red

    We've been given a product to try out on Adam. Here's how it turned out.

  22. #9 Special Effects Wildflower

    #9 Special Effects Wildflower

    Adam's first time with Special Effects

  23. #8 B Vibrant Blue

    #8 B Vibrant Blue

    Adam tries out blue tips

  24. #7 Stargazer Tropical Green

    #7 Stargazer Tropical Green

    A lovely pine green colour just in time for christmas

  25. #6 Neon Blue

    #6 Neon Blue

    This time Adam tries out one of LaRiche's new colours.

  26. #5 Aubergine

    #5 Aubergine

    A rich wine colour for Adam's hair

  27. #4 Peacock Blue

    #4 Peacock Blue

    This time we try Crazy Colour's Peacock Blue

  28. #3 Capri Blue and Natural Black

    #3 Capri Blue And Natural Black

    Blue hair, black roots - a new look for Adam

  29. #2 Black & White Toner

    #2 Black & White Toner

    Working with the black already in Adam's hair, this time we try white

  30. #1 Strawberry Fields & Black

    #1 Strawberry Fields & Black

    The first Adam's adventure. We try out Fudge Paintbox

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