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Signature: Always clarify and demineralize your last cleansing before any chemical process to avoid adverse results or unstable chemical reactions! Remember that test strands can save you a world of headache, that protein damage is permanent, moisture is essential, you can use coconut oil as a lightener pre treatment to minimize protein reduction, and that Olaplex can reform broken disulfide bonds so long as they haven't already negatively paired, but it does not address protein or moisture.
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Cosmetologist of 10 years specializing in unnatural colors and natural hair care, Cosmetic Science Educator, creator of KFT (Katie's Fading Treatment), and Consumer Education and Awareness Advocate. My mission is to give both stylists and non professionals the education they need to have the mental toolbox to make informed choices based on their individual needs and lifestyle. All of my articles and advice are based on research from the CIR, NCBI, and cosmetic chemistry journals and literature. My advice is based on research and that which I have utilized in practical, hands on experience.

I am a strong supporter of Olaplex- not any of the 80+ knockoffs. Olaplex was developed by two of the world's leading PhD's in Materials and Chemistry, and holds 8 worldwide patents/pending patents for it's chemistry.

I am a huge supporter of Shea Moisture hair products- which are plant based and free of all the things consumers should look out for, and are free of all the things that CO washers and those that follow a natural hair care routine need to look out for.

For hair color, I have been primarily using Special Effects since 2013. I do utilize other colors from other brands though depending on the situation. I do not use oxidative color much, but when I do it is typically Redken. Wella's 2/0 demi is the only black I will use, as it comes out easily with my preferred, tried and true Color Remover - One n Only Colorfix. My go-to non professional oxidative color line is Ion.

My all time favorite lightener is Matrix Light Master. Wella Blondor, Schwarzkopf Blondme, and Loreal Infinie Platine are good as well. For non professional lightener- Wella's 7 level lift powder and Age Beautiful Creme Lightener. Light Master and Wella's 7 level lift are ideal for use with KFT.

When it comes to chelating/demineralizing (removing mineral deposits from hard/city/soft/well water, chlorinated pools, etc), the professional Malibu Crystal Gel is a nostalgic and effective favorite. Ion's Hard Water Shampoo is fabulous too, as well aa Redken Pre Art- though that one has some lesa than desirable ingredients in it.

Clarifying is removing all product buildup and residues. For this, I prefer Malibu Undo Goo Shampoo or Suave Essentials Clarifying Shampoo. SECS is ideal for using in KFT.

For skincare, Paula's Choice is my absolute favorite as it is formulated and packaged based on widely proven, unbiased research, and it us free of all the typical things one should look out for. Paula Begoun pretty much does what I do but with skin instead of hair. Even though she no longer owns the company, she is still behind the R&D. Niod is also a very sophisticated, effective brand.

For makeup, IT Cosmetics for founation/concealer, Anastasia Beverly Hills for Brows and eyeshadow, Becca Cosmetics for a bit of everything but particularly their highlighting, contour, and primers. Sigma is definitely the best when it comes to brushes- they are very comparable to MAC but at a better price.

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