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Hello! I have natural dark brown hair, all virgin. I've barely used any heat on it. I'm looking for the best way to get all of my hair to a very pale yellow.

Bleaching twice with 20vol developer is better than bleaching once with 40vol, but how long do I wait before bleaching again with 20vol? Do I still bleach my roots in the first process? Because I think my roots will need another round as well with 20vol. And depending on how long I have to wait before the second round of bleaching, I may have a significant amount of regrowth? That will also need to be bleached twice?

I don't understand how to bleach multiple times with low volume developer without creating bands of different shades because of the roots.

I read into this post a lot https://www.haircrazy.com/forum/dyeing/19500/how-should-i-go-about-getting-level-2-dark-brown-hair-light-enough-to-tonedye-it-to-a-light-ash-blonde-new-to-bleachingcoloring/ And they mention it takes several months to go very light but still talk about using purple shampoos and such. But none of that will really help me until my hair is sort of blonde, correct?

My hair is level 2 and I've always used 40vol to bleach my hair in the past. I bleached 3 times with 40vol over 2-3 months to get pale yellow. (Definitely had problems with my roots and banding) After one round with 40vol, I get very orange, dark orange hair. it's a very unattractive doodoo yuck brown orange color. Second round gets me a lighter orange (is that considered brassy?) and slightly yellow hair color, that was not so bad.

Will the 20vol lift any color? Also I'm using the L'oreal Quick Blue powder bleach. Is that not a good quality bleach?

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