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hey y'all. I'm one of those unfortunate souls whose hair has been ruined by loreal colorista 'temporary' color.

I should start by noting that my USUAL hair appointments involve a single process (with olaplex) with a toner referred to as 10/22 which leaves me lavender for a couple weeks and fades back to blonde (see first photo). I had the idea of mixing the burgundy loreal colorista in my conditioner, hoping to keep a slight diluted plum tint to my hair in between hair appointments. the last thing I expected was for a RED color to turn my hair GREEN. but whatever voodoo loreal does to their formulas resulted in the red tones washing out IMMEDIATELY (my hair is also porous) but the blue tones staining my cuticle. I've already done a vitamin c and vinegar treatment. which didnt do much because the stain is on my shaft, not inside the cuticle... and I use dish soap and dandruff shampoo in the shower. but its drying and I dont wanna play that game anymore.

(I will NOT use 'color remover' because that only SHRINKS the color molecules. they'd turn green again once bleach is applied.)

I even neutralized it with pink, but again, that only lasted one shampoo. and I dont want to be PINK-pink, I just want to go back to my normal lavender. my hair has the slightest mint tone. most people say they dont see it at all. but in some lighting (particularly florescent light) it looks even more green than that. (see second photo)... do you think this is faded enough that my usual single process + olaplex is enough to eat up this residual green? and that I can go back to my usual lavender? thanks in advance.

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