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I don't have much experience with bleaching my hair and I wanted to write to ask if it's normal or not. My hair is a level 1 and I went to about level 6-7 doing two rounds of bleach over two days (day 1 was about 40 minutes, day 2 about 40 minutes) I used a 30 volume developer for both which in hindsight was probably a mistake and I should have used a 40 volume.

my hair was still orange-y and I decided to simply use a light ash dye over it and stop bleaching it because I didn't want to cause any further damage. This was done about two weeks ago now. My hair and scalp usually gets very oily and I need to wash my hair daily, however, since the bleach I've been only washing my hair once every 3-4 days and finally it's becoming as oily as it usually gets.

However, whenever I do wash my hair with shampoo, the moment the shampoo is washed off, my hair gets extremely tangled up, it tangles up in clumps and it becomes almost impossible to pass my fingers through them, I try to brush them and its like brushing extremely tangled hair and that doesn't resolve the tangliness because they just become tangled in the new position.

The only way to return my hair to an acceptable state is to use conditioner.

What have I done wrong? I am planning on letting my hair grow out and then cut off the bleached hair and try again once my hair is virgin again. Ideally, I would like to bleach it once every 3 weeks to not cause too much damage, but I don't want to stick with orange hair, what do I do?

Sorry about the long post! Picture attached to show the result of my hair couple weeks ago.

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