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Hi everyone,

I have done my research through this forum and other forums on the internet, but although I have been super cautious about learning as much as I could not to do anything wrong, I am now seeking for some help from you :)

My case is this one: I have had my hair done in a salon, and if I asked for a natural balayage touch-up after a year regrowth, the hair dresser gave me a very (very) blonde and very high ombre look. My hair is white on most part and I am desperate. So, my hair is naturally a golden strawberry dark blond colour, in a level 6-ish, and now 2-3rd of it is white... While waiting for a better solution, I have used a gentle toner (dialight) on all my hair, so I can live my life without crying everytime I see myself in the mirror, but is washing out very quickly. I have also done olaplex treatments and deep nourishing masks - oil treatment to help repair my hair and make it stronger before dying it with something else. I also had it cut and now it has been a month and I feel it is time to fix it.

So.. could you please help me by confirming if this is the way to go? or how you would to it?

1- Because my hair is white, I have to chose a demi permanent colour with a lot of gold in it to prevent my hair from having unwanting green, blue or greyish tones? 2- It is safer to go slightly lighter, so if I am a level 6 on my root, better use a level 7 to dye the bleached hair darker? 3- For a more natural look, I can section and weave my hair, and use 2 different colours for a more dimensional looking results? Using a balayage pattern (see picture)?

Is that right?

I also have question regarding the colour use: I want to use schwarzkopf igora vibrance because it is a demi-permanent colour and is supposed to last up to 25 shampoos. Is that a good choice? I know permanent colour is not the safer option so demi seemed right. If anyone know igora vibrance, do you think 7.5 is a good choice as it has a gold undertone?

And finally, would you have any more tips for me?

I really appreciate for you made it so far in the reading, and any help, advice or support would be greatly appreciated. I am still hesitant about doing it myself, but I am now too scared to go back to a salon after this experience.

thank you so much!



PS: sorry if there are typos or mistakes, I try my best but english is not my native language. I hope you understand :) xxx.

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