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10 Ways to Remove Hair Colour
In this article I explore 10 techniques for removing hair colour. Using the right method, most hair colours can be removed or lightened.

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Hi, everyone! I'm a longtime lurker but this is my first post. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong! I searched a bit around but I couldn't find any topics with my exact color predicament, so I thought I would just ask.

In December I went from silver to an all-over greenish blueish color with Ion Jade. It wasn't nearly as green as the swatch, closer to a dark teal. I knew that Ion blues were hard to remove, and stupidly thought that I'd be okay with committing to the color. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but my roots are growing out and I'm hoping for a change now and I don't know what will cover this mess of faded blues and greens.

The facts:

My wedding is in 2020 and I'm hoping to grow it out. It's been bleached ~5 or 6 times over the course of last spring/summer with at least 2 weeks between sessions and 20vol for ~20 minutes at a time. It's thirsty. While not in tip-top shape, it's doing okay for the amount of abuse I put it through. However, I would like to stay faaaaar away from bleach and peroxide. At the moment, I believe what is left over is stained. I've tried numerous fading treatments, abd this is kind of what I'm left with. I'm not sure what I want to do. I dont want to touch the roots with bleach or permanent dye since I want to keep growing my hair, so whatever I do needs to look okay with darker roots. I've been thinking black, but I have no idea if a semipermanent red will work for a color fill, not to mention the fact that I want whatever I chose to have decent staying power. I wouldn't mind doing a different unnatural color, but I'm not sure what will cover this.

Sorry for the novel. Suggestions and advice are welcome!

Tldr; How do I cover this mess with minimal damage?

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